The 12 Gifts for Christmas

The 12 Gifts for Christmas


More than 3.1 billion people are waiting to hear the Good News.

You can bring the story of Christmas to people who have never heard about Jesus. You are a part of a movement that is making disciples of all peoples around the world. This Christmas, your kindness will have an impact.

Let's give people who have never heard about Jesus reasons for hope and a bright future. These gifts have the potential to change the course of entire communities and the lives of individuals.

As people who have received the greatest gift in Jesus, let's respond with generosity.

Christmas Gift Projects

Career Training – Loving Neighbours Centre, India

Your gift of $25 will help give vulnerable women a promising career and introduce her to the gospel with a month of skills training.

Reaching Street Children – Street Kids Ministry, Senegal

Your gift of $25 will provide a month of meals, education, healthcare and the gospel to a street child.

Tuition for a Child with Hearing Loss – School for the Deaf, Dakar, Senegal

Your gift of $25 will give a deaf child one month of the education they need to succeed.

Bibles for New Believers – Pentecostal Assemblies of Bangladesh

Your gift of $4 can equip a Bangladeshi or Rohingya believer with a Bible.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation – Source of Life, Siberia, Russia

Your gift of $200 can help a person struggling with drug-addiction the hope of rehabilitation.

Bricks for Campo Blanco – Church Planting, Talamanca, Costa Rica

Your gift of $5 can purchase a brick for a new church (Campo Blanco) matched by the local church.

Essentials Online Training – Ministry Essentials Training Program (METP), Worldwide

Your gift of $100 can help give essential online ministry training to 25 pastors.

Scholarships for Pastors – Timothy Fund Program

Your gift of $50 will train a ministry student for one month.

Fight COVID-19 Hunger – Assemblies of God North India (AOGNI)

Your gift of $100 will help support a pastor and their family for one month.

Physiotherapy for Children with Disabilities – Children of Blessing, Malawi

Your gift of $25 provides one month of physiotherapy services for a child.

VOHA Hope Packs – Villages of Hope, Africa

Your gift of $20 will protect a family from COVID-19.

Global Worker Support – Worldwide

Your gift of $100 will help keep global workers on the field where they can focus on making disciples.