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An Introduction to THE LOOP

An Introduction to THE LOOP

Introducing The Loop

A Word from our General Superintendent, Dave Wells, and the Communications team of the PAOC International Office:

Greetings friends,

In a time when modes of communication are constantly evolving, and when video formats are being adopted as primary communication channels, we have been asking ourselves—how do we continue to fulfil our theological mandate to tell God stories effectively, while engaging both traditional and emerging audiences? 

The Loop is a part of that answer. It is a digital story collective, a platform where quality videos and other visual media are housed. A landing spot to view or download visual messaging and stories that are Pentecostal or PAOC specific. Stories that are us. God stories by all of us, for everyone. Resources to stir up spiritual, theological and missional vitality.  Stories that speak to revitalization and inspire us to multiply as a Fellowship.

The Bible says in Psalm 145:3-4 (MSG):
    God is magnificent; he can never be praised enough.
There are no boundaries to his greatness.
Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of
    your mighty acts.

Our most recent ACLR indicates an average church attendance of 137 people. These amazing congregations are spread across a variety of contexts; from rural countrysides to urban communities, and offer important, contextualized ministry. We have heard from many of our smaller church pastors, along with those who lead in larger settings, that resources specific to us as a PAOC family would be of value. In response, and through collaborative projects, The Loop will be that place on the web that you can go to for video and visual content which can serve as sermon intros, discussion starters, and illustrative pieces rooted in Pentecostal theology and our mission as a Fellowship. As a Fellowship, we are wanting to resource our PAOC churches, especially those with smaller teams and budgets, by providing licensed, customized content you can use.

Visit .  Here you will finThe Loop Graphics 1d a new and growing collection of content you can use as you see appropriate. All posted items will be available to preview fully and download as desired. You can also watch video clips from General Conference 2018 that further explain “What Is The Loop?” and how you can “Support The Loop.” 

Help Grow The Loop:
 Because we are better together, this platform can grow and our collective resources can be shared far and wide, across our nation and literally around the world. Do you have video stories of what God is doing and has done? We are looking for testimonies of life-transformation. Sermon-starters. Video and other digital assets that other churches can benefit from. The Loop as a collective is only as good as our combined efforts to lean in, providing and supporting one another in the messages we must tell and the stories we must share.  Got something you think can be shared?  Send it to us at

Support The Loop:  We encourage you to lean in, supporting this effort to expand our digital world as a Fellowship so we can share good news stories and inspiring content more effectively than ever before. Make a one-time donation or regular monthly financial gift to help The Loop grow as a platform where our Pentecostal message connects to all churches, districts and to our entire PAOC family. You can also text to give - Text LOOP to 905-542-8341.  With increased digital resources and traction, it would be our intention to turn The Loop into a subscription model where churches can access a growing platform of digital assets for a minimal cost. Your buy-in helps us act as the gatherers, developers and distributors of video work and other visual media that everyone can benefit from.

Lastly, we are offering you Power Point Slides that you may wish to use this coming Sunday, November 11 for Remembrance Day. Also, check out our other most recent post entitled “Tell Your Story Every Day.” We are excited about working together to create, gather and share attractive visual messaging that will connect with audiences we need to reach!

Find your inspiration. Fuel your imagination. Let us know what you think at or make us aware of content that could be shared on this PAOC platform. 

Dave Wells, General Superintendent    

Paul Khosla, Communications Co-ordinator, The Loop

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