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PAOC Refugee Resettlement Update

PAOC Refugee Resettlement Update

Dikran Salbashian commends the PAOC for stepping up to meet the needs of the immigrants among them.

Aren’t you thankful that even in this wonderful summer month of July where many are heading off on vacation, that God does not vacate His own? He never leaves.  He never says, “I’ll be back in two weeks to check up on how you are doing”.  His care and His love is constant. It’s faithful and unwavering. He brings His children through the toughest of life experiences, guiding and guarding them all along the journey. We are seeing God at work on so many fronts, and when we allow Him to work in us and through us, the Kingdom results can be amazing.   

Check out what God has been up to through our PAOC family in the past two years.  This is a part of what we do that is not highly advertised or publicized.

Dikran Salbashian commends the PAOC for stepping up to meet the needs of the immigrants among them. “Our joy is indescribable when we hear and see how these refugees who have lost everything are now in a safe place,” Salbashian says. “Our brothers and sisters in the West are not just praying for us from a safe distance, but are demonstrating their faith with their practical works!”

For those who have supported the PAOC’s response to the Syrian and Iraqi refugee crisis financially, we could not be responding like this without your generosity. For those who have jumped on board in opening your hearts and homes, we commend you and appreciate the kindness you have and continue to show. For those who are praying, please continue to do so. The task is not completed yet. We still have identified families we are seeking to resettle in Canada. They have fled their home country and are unable to work and settle where they are temporarily located. We pray daily for their futures, and trust God that He knows all and is working for their good.  

If you are a PAOC church and would like to consider how you can be part of bringing new life to ‘unfamiliar friends’, please contact

We would love to see you share in the blessing that can be yours when you reach out to welcome and bless those whom God has undoubtedly connected us with.