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Winter 2024 testimony/Enrich

Cover of Winter 2024 issue of testimony/Enrich.


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FROM THE EDITOR: TRAUMA AND THE MISSION FIELD—Getting to know ourselves and our neighbours
by Stacey McKenzie

“Narratives in the New Testament revealed God’s heart in a similar way. Jesus Himself did not merely proclaim the kingdom He came to establish; He demonstrated its reality by impacting earthly problems supernaturally, leaving a mark that went beyond merely pointing to spiritual transformation.” Read more.


FROM DEATH TO LIFE—Sashi and Pranil Mani’s story of prayer, faith and healing
by Barbara Hein

As a busy mom getting ready to help her children start their school year, Sashi Mani contracted COVID-19 and almost lost her life. A prayer network's response brought not only healing but sparked a new faith community. [Full content available to subscribers.]


ROSLYN MCKENZIE-OCHIENG—Living life on mission
by Duane Henry

Roslyn McKenzie-Ochieng was born in Guyana, the youngest of four children. Her family migrated to Canada in 1987, where, as a young person, she gave her heart to Jesus at a strategic time in her life. She lives her life “on mission” and can share what that means with anyone who would like to live fully for God’s purposes. Read more.


FROSTY TRIALS—Anticipating the coming spring
by Rose McCormick Brandon

When the chill of suffering blows into your life, remember that tucked into that trial, perhaps invisible at the moment, is a seed or many seeds. Harvest them. Plant them. Nurture them. And they will bless you with joy, wisdom, understanding and other commodities that are more precious than gold.” [Full content available to subscribers.]


INVISIBLE—God’s loving pursuit of His unseen daughters
by Brenda Erb Roberts

“After she connects with God, the weight Hannah has shouldered for so long lifts. Since her circumstances haven’t changed, what’s different? Her focus has shifted. Hannah has entered the realm of a beloved daughter, a secure place. It isn’t dependent on results but on a relationship, and she walks away with a new awareness of who her God is." [Full content available to subscribers.]



“Pastor Dan’s life and ministry were characterized by his deep faith in Christ, kind-hearted spirit, and selfless dedication to the Lord and His people. He has left a profound legacy of love, Christian faith, and unwavering service to his Lord, family and the community of Milton.” [Full content available to subscribers.]


EDUCATION AND PENTECOSTALISM—Making room for the transformative spirit of God
by Ewen Butler

What does education look like through the eyes of those empowered by the Spirit who recognize God at work in the world? Pentecostal and Charismatic Education: Renewalist Education Wherever it is Found explores the answers. [Full content available to subscribers.]


by Timothy Woodcock

Timothy Woodcock invites us to "go and make disciples" by taking the kingdom message and our church services beyond building walls. With long-term discipleship in view, he explains his focus on intentional engagement with the community. Read more.


by Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith reminds pastors and leaders of the potential results of hundreds of small decisions made over time that shape the direction and culture of churches and organizations. He shows the value of slowing down and including others. [Full content available to subscribers.]


PASTORING FIRST-GENERATION BELIEVERS—10 ways to overcome the Christian heritage gap
by Karl Vaters

How do you pastor people when they're not just the only believers in their family—they’re the first Christian for generations? Karl Vaters, a former PAOC pastor’s kid who has been in pastoral ministry for over 40 years, shares how. [Full content available to subscribers.]

Our Stories

by Brian Egert

“Often, we point out groups of people we need to reach near our homes or churches—whether they are new Canadians or a specific geographic, demographic, language or people group. However, our God sees individual faces. He desires to have a face-to-face relationship with His people.” Read more.


MISSION GLOBAL: HONOURING VICTORIA—A tribute to our associate executive director
by Kerry Halliwell

She doesn’t make snap decisions or answer anything in haste. Before Victoria replies or makes an action item of anything, she processes everything carefully, thoughtfully and logically.” Read more.


ERDO: SERVING IN A WARZONE—Following the call of God

“At the same time, Roman went out with believers to nearby villages, bringing food, supplies and Bibles to homes. Often, he didn’t know what to say to people in difficult circumstances, but he found they were open to the gospel.” Read more.

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