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Fall 2023 testimony/Enrich

Cover of Fall 2023 issue of testimony/Enrich.


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FROM THE EDITOR: Keeping Things Simple—Preserving the Wonder of Calling
by Stacey McKenzie

“It’s impossible to know fully what’s going on in each person’s heart; their motivations may sometimes remain a complete mystery, even if you ask directly for clarity. God will provide you with the insight you need to respond appropriately in every situation. In the end, God loves each person deeply, so we are wise to interact with others with this in mind.” Read more.


BROADWAY CHURCH AND CITYREACH—Bringing hope where faith meets opportunity
by Simon Gau

“I believe the local church is the hope of the world. Jesus, the hope of the nations, has built his church and set it into motion as a beacon of light so the world can see his redemptive action. It has been said that the church is the one institution that exists for those outside of it.” [Full content available to subscribers.]


AWESTRUCK—Re-igniting our relationship with Jesus
by Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston recognizes the apathy that can creep in when we are faithfully engaged in Christian routines but become too familiar with Jesus. He encourages us not to become stuck in the ordinary, but instead, to be “awestruck.” Read more.


AN ADVENT PRAYER—Sharpening our spiritual imagination
by Laurel Archer

“How long, O Lord?” Isaiah’s question resonates in many hearts yearning for changed circumstances and fulfilled hopes. Laurel Archer invites us to see Advent as an opportunity to stretch our spiritual understanding in the waiting. [Full content available to subscribers.]


SAYING “YES” AT CHRISTMAS—Embracing the presents we never asked for
by Caleb Bloch

Israel had been praying for the coming Messiah for centuries. Mary became His mother—although she had never asked to be. What should we do when God brings gifts we didn’t expect? Caleb Bloch examines Mary’s response, and his own. [Full content available to subscribers.]


LEADERSHIP LESSONS—What 45 years of service taught me
by Gary Connors

Gary Connors has 45 years of leadership experience and some important lessons to share with anyone willing to learn from his journey. Listening, consistency, persistence, relationships, and authenticity are among key areas that he highlights. [Full content available to subscribers.]


by Stephen D. Barkley

Stephen Barkley has studied how Canadian Pentecostals exercise and experience prophecy. He points out the importance of discernment when interpreting and sharing prophetic messages with others. [Full content available to subscribers.]


MOURNING AND CHRISTMAS—A theology of grief
by Paul Khosla

Paul Khosla carries both treasured, joyful memories of Christmas and the reality of fresh grief that threatens to make the season feel incomplete. He explores the links he experiences between grief, spiritual maturity, and hope. Read more.


PASTORAL COLLABORATION—Voluntary does not mean optional
by John Albiston

“There is a sacrifice of time, money and resources to co-ordinate our efforts in advancing the gospel. I choose to be a contributor, not a consumer. I will give more than I take, and I will lead others to do the same.” [Full content available to subscribers.]

Our Stories

ERDO: FOOD AND FAITH—Transforming Lives in Uganda
by Michael Milne

“’It’s one thing to sit in an office and understand the work we do. But to physically stand there and see names of people who died because they didn’t have food is something we don’t think about.’” Read more.


by Natalie Rogge

“You don’t always realize that others are watching and listening and having their faith strengthened and shaped through simple times of interaction.” Read more.


by Kirk Kauffeldt

“Personally, it was a rich experience to collaborate with a brother who was enthusiastically sold out to what God had called him to do, even in the midst of great challenge.” Read more.


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