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Summer 2023 testimony/Enrich

Cover of Summer 2023 issue of testimony/Enrich.


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FROM THE EDITOR: Great is Thy Faithfulness—A well-placed hope in uncertain times
by Stacey McKenzie

“‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’recently bubbled up out of my heart into song, a reminder of so many timeless things we can all take comfort in. I don’t quite know where it came from—it’s not a tune I’ve sung regularly or heard recently. I attribute it to the work of the Holy Spirit as a reminder to me.” Read more.



Spiritual Direction is one of the streams offered at Vanguard College and Katherine Alvarado is one of the students who enrolled. The results surprised her. She and several other Vanguard College students share their stories. [Full content available to subscribers.]


DRESSING FOR SUCCESS—Protecting ourselves in spiritual battle
by Wendy Payne

As we grow in our spiritual lives, discernment about what can bring discouragement, distractions and setbacks becomes important. Wendy Payne reminds us of what we can do to be proactive instead of reactive when those challenges come. Read more.


GOD IN OUR TIMELINES—Breathing life into dead dreams
by Nelly Latchman

“Did you ever have an idea that was God-inspired … that you prayed into repeatedly, and nothing seemingly ever came of it?” Nelly Latchman asks and answers this question on the other side of a dream finally realized. [Full content available to subscribers.]


HERE TO SERVE—Reclaiming a sense of urgency to the call of God
by Jason Luscombe

What does it mean to follow “the call of God”? Should our response be based on timing, preference, convenience or any other human terms? Eastern Ontario District’s superintendent, Jason Luscombe, illustrates how calling should be understood. Read more.


LEADING “PENTECOSTALLY”—Creating new opportunities for people to encounter Jesus
by William Sloos

What does leading “Pentecostally” look like in this season? William Sloos proposes four ways Pentecostal leaders can impact emerging generations in our secularizing culture: finding our prophetic voice, cultivating fresh encounters with Jesus, leading well inter-generationally, and prioritizing the presence of the Holy Spirit. [Full content available to subscribers.]


by James MacKnight, Steve Harris and Lyman Kulathungam
General Editor: Rebecca Idestrom

The recently released Statement of Essential Truths (SOET) included a specific and expanded section on creation, as did the accompanying commentary. This issue of testimony/Enrich includes additional material developed by the contributing authors and editors tasked with developing content for the “Creation” chapter of the companion piece. [Full content available to subscribers.]

Our Stories


While just a young teenager, Deborah Sirjoosingh distinctly heard God’s call to serve Him. She was kneeling in the prayer room during a Sunday evening at Bethel Pentecostal Church in Ottawa, Ont., when God spoke Isaiah 61:1 over her. A deeply special moment for her, she would recall that evening many times over, reminding her of God’s plan and purpose for her life. Read more.


ERDO: BLINDSIDED BY WAR—God at work in Ukraine
by Alicia Kolenda

Alina and her daughter, Kateryna, were watching TV when a special report was broadcast. Their country had been invaded. Soon, Alina’s son, Kateryna’s brother, went to serve in the armed forces. Kateryna’s husband, her sister’s husband, her sister’s son and her niece’s husband—all the men in the family— enlisted in the army before the week was out. Read more.


MISSION CANADA: CALLED TO THE URBAN CORE—Building community in Jesus’s name
by Anna Morgante

The most influential witness happens corporately, when many who share passion for God and ministry partner with one another to help bridge the gaps that churches are not able to reach.” Read more.


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