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Summer 2020 testimony/Enrich

Cover - Summer 2020 testimony-Enrich


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THE CHAOS OF RACISM—A response to the U.S. crisis
by Marie Miller

“There is only one true cure for racism. People who know God must rightfully respond to the instructions in the Word of God so they may effectively respond to people who are hurt, marginalized, living in pain and confusion, and seeing hopelessness.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


by Rich Janes

“I have no idea how to say this. I’ve been wrestling with it for several days now. This isn’t even the finished product, but it’s coming from a heart searching for answers, searching for solutions, searching for hope.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


DON’T EAT YOUR SEED!—Why missions is still relevant in our world
by Kerry Halliwell

Kerry Halliwell is a former global worker to Malawi. She believes in the deposit God has made in each of us to carry out His mission in our increasingly complex world and urges us to share it with others. [Full content available to subscribers.] 


PANDEMIC DAD LIFE—Counting wins … burying losses
by Chris Chase

Our current predicament of having to do almost everything from home is tough on everyone—especially on young families. One father gives us a peek into family life’s ups and downs and his most important takeaway. Read more.


SEARCH ME, O GOD—The Examen – revisiting an ancient discipline
by Peter Cusick

Church gatherings are the main source of spiritual nurture for many Christians. Unable to meet during the COVID-19 state of emergency, Peter Cusick suspects that many suddenly realized they were “stuck.” He has suggestions for a way forward. Read more.


WRESTLING WITH FAITH—Examining our legacy to the next generation
by Barbara Hein

“There was a quiet buzz of soft voices as young, eager students filed into the small, desk-lined room. The professor struck up a conversation with these young adults, who enjoyed a laugh or two as he enthusiastically regaled them with tales of his summer adventures. And so it began, my first night class in well over 25 years.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


SOMETHING NEW—Revisiting a simple message in John 21
by Patti Miller

COVID-19’s interruption of regular church life leaves many of us longing for things to “get back to normal.” Patti Miller ponders whether God is calling us back to intimacy with Himself … and then to something completely new. Read more.


THE GREAT EXCHANGE—Perfecting your relay race
by Terry Bone

Terry Bone reminds us that our life journey is part of an intergenerational continuum—a team event. He has some encouragement on passing the baton to the next generation well. [Full content available to subscribers.] 


by George Werner

George Werner shares how preparing young adults for redemptive leadership roles has been at the forefront of his and Joel Spiridigliozzi’s work with Next Level International in Italy, one of the countries hit hardest by the COVID-19 global pandemic. [Full content available to subscribers.] 


by Angela Lynch

“Prayer is a powerful weapon that God has provided for us as we engage in spiritual warfare. When we employ it skilfully, we will experience tremendous victories—not just for ourselves, but for others. As we yield ourselves to the Lord, He will use us to pray in a manner that brings change.” Read more.


by Garry E. Milley

“Christians pray to fellowship with God, not just to procure His blessings. In prayer we seek the inner transformation of temperament so we may better reflect the nature of Christ. Intimate communion results in the remodelling of our character as well as the conformity of our will. In prayer we become not just dutiful servants, but loving children of the Father.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 

Our Stories

ERDO: THE HUNGER PANDEMIC—How COVID-19 is increasing worldwide hunger
by Alicia Kolenda

Every year, ERDO assists thousands of people suffering from food insecurity who are unable to access proper nutrition due to drought, conflict or displacement. The COVID-19 pandemic struck an already vulnerable world, doubling the number of people facing acute hunger worldwide. Clearly, access to food has never been more important. Read more.


by the Neighbours and Newcomers Network

“‘I want this assurance of salvation also …’ These were the words that Ahmed, a Syrian newcomer, said to me during Eid al-Adha. It is during this holiday that he and his family visit friends, eat delicious foods, and wear new clothes.” Read more.


INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS: MISSIONS AND THE CHURCH—An interview with Heartland, A Church Connected
by Jodey Hutchings

“Thinking of increasing your own missional impact, or not sure of what steps you can take? I recently interviewed Aaron Mix-Ross, executive pastor at Heartland, a Church Connected in Mississauga, Ont., so he could share his recent experience of taking a short-term mission team to Colombia. His perspective may help to answer some of your questions.” Read more.

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