Winter 2020 testimony/Enrich



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THE CALGARY CALL—A message to our churches

Members of the Pentecostal World Fellowship met for the 25th global gathering in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, from August 27 to 30, 2019, to hear what the Spirit is saying to His Pentecostal church. Our cry: “Spirit Now.” Seventy-four nations gathered at the “family table,” with an appreciation for our shared Pentecostal history and experience. We affirmed the centrality of Jesus, the prominence of Scripture, the foundation of prayer, and the empowering presence of the Spirit in our movement. Read more.


SPIRIT NOW—25th Pentecostal World Conference Highlights

The 25th Pentecostal World Conference, held at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre and titled “Spirit Now,” was the profound and memorable time of direction, encouragement and refreshing that thousands had prayed it would be. More than 3,000 delegates travelled to Calgary, Alta., from more than 70 nations, coming to hear what the Spirit had to say to His church and to gain fresh direction for the challenges facing the church in the 21st century. [Full content available to subscribers.] 


A SEAT AT THE TABLE—Why the next generation needs you – and you need us
by Laura Bronson

Laura Bronson recognizes that there is a rift in the level of communication and understanding between younger and older generations. She paints a beautiful picture of what God’s kingdom can be like if we make moving closer together a priority and continually give young people “A Seat at the Table.” Read more.


A CHOSEN BABY—God’s sovereignty in my adoption story
by Melanie Gibson

Melanie Gibson experienced God’s beautiful handiwork in her own life story when she was adopted both into an earthly family and into His family through faith in Christ. She reminds us that we need to welcome many others into our circles as well. [Full content available to subscribers.] 


WALLPAPER, NETFLIX AND GEN-Z—Mentoring through dizzying cultural change
by Caleb Bloch

Caleb Bloch explains why maintaining consistent connection with youth and young adults is the only way to maintain genuine relationships in a society marked by constant change. [Full content available to subscribers.] 


A GOD WHO CARES—Finding healing after incarceration
by Andres Centeno

Andres Centeno knows the hopelessness that can tear at one’s soul in the years before and during incarceration. He experienced the transforming power of Christ in his young life and wants others to know that if He is invited in, anyone can discover “A God Who Cares.” Read more.


THE URGENCY OF PROCLAMATION—Sharing the hope we have
by Kevin Garratt

Having experienced incarceration under false charges, Kevin Garratt urges us to focus on our shared mission—proclaiming the gospel wherever we are. Read more.

BEHIND THE WALLS—Showing Christ’s love to the incarceratedby a Quebec Prison Worker

A Mission Canada worker in Quebec gives us insight into what it’s like to minister to men ranging from ages 18 to 80 inside prison walls and reminds us of their priority in God’s eyes. Instead of a cynical and resistant audience, she found receptive hearts to the offer of Christ’s love. [Full content available to subscribers.] 


IT BEGINS WITH THE SPIRIT—Aligning our lives and life’s work to the source
by Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson reminds us that although we are called to share the good news, we need to remain completely dependent on the Holy Spirit to be faithful and effective for the long haul. [Full content available to subscribers.] 


BEYOND THE EDGE—Pursuing God’s favourite meeting place
by Matthew Douglas

Matthew Douglas has discovered that God’s favourite place to meet us is beyond the edge of circumstances that we feel we can control. He explains why we need to come back to a place of recognizing that He is the Potter and we are the clay, and how He breaks us, softens us and molds us for His purposes, if we allow Him. [Full content available to subscribers.] 

Our Stories

INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS: DEEP AND WIDE—Bearing fruit in every good work
by Murray Cornelius

“Jesus came to preach good news to the poor and to proclaim freedom and life to the marginalized. Justice and righteousness are about access … access to truth and access to life. Oswald J. Smith famously asked: ‘Why should anyone hear the gospel twice, before everyone has an opportunity to hear it once?’” Read more.


ERDO: WORDS FOR WATER—A visionary challenge for children
by Dorcas Marfo

“Kids need to know what God’s Word says about who they are and who God is, in order to survive and thrive in this generation. Speaking the truth as they are explained in the Scriptures helps kids deal with challenges such as identity and anxiety in the context of God’s love and care for them.” Read more.


MISSION CANADA: SERVING THE NATIONS—Christ’s mission on post-secondary campuses
by John Engels

“My friend, Alicia Chole, summed up the great commission opportunity we have with students at post-secondary institutions in this way: “Gathered for a season and scattered for a lifetime.” I believe her words crystalize the reality for Christ’s mission on campuses. God gathers brilliant students from nearly every nation on earth to study for four short years in Canada, and then disperses them around the globe. They are tomorrow’s leaders being shaped in Canada today.” Read more.

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