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NOT JUST A CHRISTMAS LYRIC—Finding the Prince of Peace in the midst of chaos
by Sarah E. Ball

“As much as I desired instant relief from fear and trembling, God began to show me that He desires to renew our hearts and minds, not just reassure them.” Read more.


BREAKTHROUGH TO YOUR MIRACLE—How faith and prayer saved one young man’s life
by Bob Jones

“God told us to shout this miracle from the housetops. The singular purpose of Breakthrough is declaring that God still does the impossible. There is desperation across the nation for personal breakthroughs. God’s raising John from the dead has caught the attention of believers and skeptics alike.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 

DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY—Connecting university students to a lifeline of faith
by Jazelle Johnson

“Whether we are having service, Bible study, socials or serving, we are intentional about creating a welcoming space for students from any background and faith to openly ask questions. By encouraging students to share their doubts and ask questions about faith and Christianity, it creates an opportunity for believers to strengthen their faith and their identity in Christ, and to reach non-believers with the gospel message.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


VICTORY, LAYER BY LAYERA story of restoration and healing
by Paul Engels

“I thought recovery was the answer to all my problems, the key to my salvation. Everything depended on me and my performance. One night I had failed especially badly, and I felt the altar I had built for myself crumble. In my idolatry, I realized that recovery was an unforgiving god, one I gave more power the longer I served it.” Read more.


THE ONES WE REALLY NEED—Embracing those experiencing disabilities: An interview with Dwayne Milley
by Jordan Hageman

“Dwayne Milley is vice president of operations at Christian Horizons. Their vision is to see people who experience disabilities belong to communities in which their God-given gifts are valued and respected. In other words, they are working hard to see 1 Corinthians 12 lived out in communities and churches.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


by Ewen H. Butler

“Baptism in the Spirit for empowerment as the core distinctive of classical Pentecostalism with speaking in tongues will have to be viewed and taught again in both academy and church at all levels—not merely as a quaint relic of the past, but as the promise that is ‘for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call’ (Acts 2:39, NIV).” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


by Josh P. S. Samuel

One of the most formative contexts for discipleship occurs in the corporate worship service as the Holy Spirit brings transformation. This expectation for an experience with God has biblical precedent, but it must be tempered with a more robust understanding of the work of the Spirit. May we strive to be worshippers who are open to both the tangible and intangible works of the Spirit in our times of worship together and beyond.” Read more.


by Phil Aud

“The Spirit doesn’t wait for things to be neat and tidy to move. Before the light ever “turns on” for people, the Spirit is already at work. I’ve recently been telling people that I’m more Pentecostal than I’ve ever been. I really mean this. Why? Because when you work in a place of confusion and darkness, you quickly become aware of your deep need for the Spirit’s work.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


THE PACING OF JESUS—Compass points for a mid-course correction
by Dave Buehring

“I am reminded of a journey through the Gospels that I embarked on a number of years ago as I sought to understand the pacing of Jesus in light of my own walk as His disciple. Maybe what I discovered will be an encouragement or offer some mid-course correction for you as it has for me.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 

Our Stories

by Adam Gilfillan

“Can I be really honest for a moment? I keep hearing people ask questions about how we can reach people with the gospel, and how we can reach the next generation for Jesus. Those are important questions for us to ask, but there are moments when I feel we are missing what’s right in front of us. As I read Scripture, I’m told there is power in our testimony (story). I’m told of individuals who were impacted by the gospel, and because of that, they shared their story, and others were also impacted.” Read more.


by Kirk Kauffeldt

Currently it seems that God is doing something new. A new generation of leaders is emerging that intends to ‘be the light.’ There is a courageous and bold desire to reach out, to fearlessly and faithfully proclaim and practise the gospel. These young leaders are seeking to engage and address the spiritual, social and physical needs of their nation.” Read more.


ERDO: THE ULTIMATE GIFT AT CHRISTMAS—Jesus and the spirit of generosity
by Candice Mayers

“As an organization, ERDO’s mission is focused on promoting holistic community transformation. This means addressing the physical needs of the people we serve while addressing their spiritual needs as well. My visit to Archer’s Post, Kenya, gave me a first-hand view of what holistic community transformation looks like: Jesus is at the centre. As the holiday season approaches, what would it look like if we focused on Him? This Christmas, let’s think about the ultimate Gift and the type of life He propels us to lead.” Read more.

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