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FROM OUR BIBLE COLLEGES, PART 2—The Holy Spirit at work in the lives of students: Personal testimonies

We invited 22 PAOC-affiliated Bible college students to share what the Holy Spirit is doing in their lives. As part of our centenary celebration, we have been sharing those testimonies with you over the course of two magazine issues and posting some of them over social media. Part 2 is reflected in the current issue and features students from Summit Pacific College in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Vanguard College in Edmonton, Alberta, Institut Biblique du Québec (IBQ) in Longueuil, Québec, and Aboriginal Bible Academy in Napanee, Ontario. Some details regarding each student will be omitted for online privacy. Read more.


TRADING ONE DREAM FOR ANOTHER—The story of Nelly Latchman, Mission Canada Campus Worker
by Jordan Hageman

“Ministry is not just for pastors, or even for older adults. We are all called to be ministers wherever we are, whatever age we are. I want this generation to know that and live that! If God calls you to be a nurse, a bus driver, a business person, an engineer, or even a student, you’ll be doing your greatest ministry there—God puts people in those places and jobs to be a light.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


@THEMOVEMENTYAPlugging millennials in at Bethel Church in Ottawa
by Sandra McIntosh

“I have the best job on earth. I partner with millennials to bring Jesus’ love to our world, and I must say they are my hands-down favourite people. The prevailing narrative is that they are lazy and entitled, but every generation has the potential to be misunderstood. The Holy Spirit is stronger than every brush anyone is painted with, and I refuse to vilify them. Like the generations before them, God says they are set apart, powerful and—with the Holy Spirit—unstoppable.” Read more.

by Ewen H. Butler

“Our Pentecostal heritage may be compared to a tree with many intertwining roots going far and deep, to a series of streams crossing each other, or even to a tapestry of many colours. Because the Spirit moves in ways unknown to us, searching out sincere hearts wherever they may be found and working within cultures of every kind, excessiveness and extremism are obvious human realities. Yet it would be a mistake to shut down what appears to be excess for fear of error or embarrassment.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 

KEEPING OUR THEOLOGICAL ENDEAVOUR ON TRACK—Avoiding the inevitability of doctrinal drift
by Dave Demchuk

“There is ever the need for the church to maintain a solid footing on the central teachings of scripture while living those truths out in a Christ-honouring fashion. Razor-sharp theological precision without living out the character of Christ makes for harshness. Asking ourselves ‘What would Jesus do?’ without taking the time to actually read what Jesus did can lead us to think that Jesus thought and acted the same way we like to think and act. Both extremes can lead to theological drift.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


ENGAGING THEOLOGICAL CONVERSATIONS: WHY AND HOW—Addressing counter-theological messages to our youth
by Allison S. MacGregor

“The youngest members of your congregation are receiving counter-theological messages every day of the week related to the existence of God, the place of the church in society, human sexuality and gender, and so on. If we don’t teach our children and young people what the Bible says about these things, their worldview will be adversely shaped by the opposing views they are hearing from a myriad of other sources.” Read more.


by Ed Stetzer
—AVAILABLE IN PRINT EDITION ONLY [Full content available to subscribers.] 

Our Stories

MISSION CANADA: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE “URBAN”?—God’s love for city dwellers
by Kevin Rogers

“If we are to understand and appreciate city life, we need a good working definition for the word ‘urban.’ Once we see the city for what it is, we can find our place in it and live out God’s mission.” Read more.


by Jodey Hutchings

“Adrian and Sharon were first invited to a fact-finding trip in the Dominican Republic (DR) in July 2000, along with missionaries in Haiti with whom they were partnered at the time. The trip changed their lives, and God has been multiplying His vision for its people since that time through their influence there.” Read more.


ERDO: PRAYERS FOR REFUGEES LIVING IN UGANDA—Remembering the crisis in South Sudan
by Samantha Burnside

“Over 100 refugees arrive in Uganda daily. This puts increasing pressure on the food supply. At home in South Sudan, the women would grow their own food. But in the current dry season with no available land to farm, they are unable to grow any vegetables to eat and rely on food rations from ERDO and other NGOs.” Read more.

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