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LET’S CELEBRATE!—100 years of Pentecostal passion
by David Wells, PAOC General Superintendent

We have arrived at a very meaningful season in the history of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada family. On June 9, Pentecost Sunday, we will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of this Fellowship in May 1919. Across the country we will tell the story of how God raised up a movement of people and churches who humbly and passionately sought more of God in their lives. The Lord honoured that hunger with experiences of the Spirit’s presence, baptism and empowerment so that Jesus—the Saviour, Healer, Baptizer and Soon-Coming King—would be lifted up across Canada and around the world. Read more.


FROM OUR BIBLE COLLEGES, PART 1— The Holy Spirit at work in the lives of students: Personal testimonies

We invited 22 PAOC-affiliated Bible college students to share what the Holy Spirit is doing in their lives. As part of our centenary celebration, we’ll share those testimonies with you over the course of two magazine issues and post some of them over social media over the next few weeks. Part 1 is reflected in the current issue and features students from Horizon College & Seminary in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and Master’s College & Seminary based in Peterborough, Ontario. Some details regarding each student will be omitted for online privacy. Read more.


THE PROMISE—100 years and counting
by James Craig

The Pentecostal movement in Canada sprang from humble beginnings: a small storefront mission on Queen Street East in Toronto, a real estate agent’s home in suburban Winnipeg, and a tiny downtown church in Ottawa. From these centres and others that soon sprang up, the message of the fullness of the Holy Spirit, as experienced by the apostles in the earliest days of the church, began to spread. [Full content available to subscribers.] 


by Van Johnson

“We are a movement pushing forward, with hope, toward the kingdom coming with Jesus, and for us that has meant getting a quick start, travelling light, and evaluating along the way. We got out of the blocks quickly because many of the theological ideas that would form us were already at hand.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


SPIRIT EMPOWERMENT—The gospel in word and power
by Bill Gibson

Being enabled by the Spirit allowed Christ’s followers to embark on an unprecedented mission for God. Filled with a superabundance of spiritual resources, they turned the world upside down. Not only did Jesus promise His followers power, but that they would also be His witnesses to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). [Full content available to subscribers.] 


A LIFESTYLE OF RESURGENCE—The dream: “Canada will be saved”
by Travis Holownia

“God birthed a movement that has now transcended over 14 denominations/fellowships and hundreds of different churches. We have seen many souls saved, lives transformed, and young adults empowered as leaders to live a Spirit-filled life in their spheres of influence. The dream is: Canada will be saved.” Read more.


NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL—Embracing our prophetic voice
by Landen Dorsch

“In the context of our gatherings at Gateway, we create windows of opportunity to share prophetic words with each other. We give space for people to pray for one another for healing, for breakthrough, or for impartation.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


HEARING THE HOLY SPIRIT—Why listening is so often much more powerful than speaking
by Kevin Shepherd

“As leaders, we tend to have a penchant toward speaking instead of listening. Some of it comes with the territory as a pastor—preaching, teaching, and mentoring leaders—which requires constant communication. However, listening is so often much more powerful than speaking. I’ve learned that listening to others is so close to loving that most people can’t tell the difference. Pentecost may have just as much to do with hearing as it does with speaking.” Read more.


CREATING A SPIRIT-LED CULTURE: The importance of making space for the Spirit
by Josh Livingston

“Being the Spirit-led church starts with us. We can’t just preach it; we need to re-engage personally. We need to be open to the Spirit’s promptings, guidance and direction. We need to be willing to abandon our plans and adopt His plans. If we commit to being the Spirit-led church that God has called us to be, I believe our future as a movement will continue to be filled with vibrancy.” [Full content available to subscribers.] 


THE 25TH PENTECOSTAL WORLD CONFERENCE (25PWC): Join us in Calgary, Alberta, August 27-30, 2019: An interview with Randy Young, Wes Mills, and David Wells

Registrations are picking up for the much-anticipated conference in C-Town in just two short months. Here are some details that can help you or the friends you share them with to join the growing sign-up list. Register at 25pwc.org. Read more.

Our Stories

MISSION CANADA: ONWARD WITH PASSION—Our shared mission in Canada
by Brian Egert

It’s 2019. What brought us together as a Fellowship 100 years ago was a shared theology and a shared mission to reach Canada and the world. And it still does. Learn from Brian Egert, the director of Mission Canada, on how PAOC’s ministry in Canada began, and how the gospel has been spreading across the nation ever since. Read more.


INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS: A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS—Celebrating 100 years of caring for children
by Murray Cornelius

“Our global workers have not been bystanders, indifferent to the suffering and injustices around them. They are fully engaged in responding to human tragedy, where children pay a heavy price and are often the innocent collateral damage of war, natural disaster and poverty. Millions of children today are victims of poverty, child labour, human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and the effects of war. ChildCARE Plus (CCP) was established by the PAOC through ERDO to increase our capacity to meet the needs of children around the world, ensuring education, health care, nourishing food, and the opportunity for every child to flourish. CCP is currently caring for over 8,000 children around the world.” Murray Cornelius, Executive Director for International Missions, explains more here.


ERDO: THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK—Investing in our future: Children
by David Adcock

“In ERDO’s ChildCARE Plus (CCP) program, we work in different country or community contexts. Yet, no matter which level of Christian education we’re able to offer, what I do know is that access to both meaningful education and to a culturally appropriate gospel message is life transforming.” David Adcock, the chief executive officer of ERDO, describes the importance of obeying Christ’s command to care for children, and how the organization is doing so. Read more.

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