May/June 2018 testimony

Cover - May-June 2018 testimony


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SPEAKING OF TONGUESUnderstanding the sign of Spirit baptism

Here is a clear and scriptural look at a topic that is often the source of confusion, misunderstanding, and sometimes fear—even among those who call themselves Pentecostals. Dr. Van Johnson examines the gift of Spirit baptism and the sign of speaking in tongues by taking us back to the larger story of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. [Full content available to subscribers.] 


A COMEBACK STORYForty years of faithful witness in the Northwest Territories

The PAOC is a Fellowship of more than 1,100 churches spread across Canada. Some have been around for a century; some are as new as last week. The PAOC is turning 100 this year. We’d like to celebrate by featuring some family members you might never get a chance to meet in person. In the last issue, we introduced you to Christian Life Assembly in Gibsons, B.C., and their brand-new church plant in Roberts Creek. In this issue, we invite you north to meet Pastor Hailey Armoogan and Fort Smith Pentecostal Church. [Full content available to subscribers.]


MINDING THE MINDA mother’s advice on raising mentally resilient children

As parents we strive to keep our children healthy and safe. But often our attempts to shield our children from harm can actually hinder them by weakening their mental resilience. With anxiety and depression becoming increasingly prevalent among Canadian children, Sarah Ball offers some well-earned insights on raising mentally resilient children. Read more.


DOOR TO DOORMethods have changed, but the message and the need have not

They may take a lot of abuse for it, but Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormon missionaries still knock on doors. Door-to-door evangelism used to be a common practice in our tradition as well, but we’ve moved on to other ways of sharing our faith. Or have we? A collision of events in Jon Stapley’s life opened his eyes to the door he was failing to see every time he met another person. Here are his everyday thoughts to chew on. Read more.


A TIME TO DOWNSIZELightening the load for the final stretch

Most of us spend a lifetime accumulating things. We may clean house on occasion, but many of our acquisitions follow us around from address to address—or end up in a storage locker. But there comes a time when life demands that we let things go. Rose McCormick Brandon shares the story of her mother’s downsizing and the thoughts it sparked. [Full content available to subscribers.]


THE WAY OF WAITINGA discovery of unexpected gifts

We’ve come to expect quick answers. Type a question, any question, into your Internet search engine and in the blink of an eye you’ll have more answers than a cat has hairs. And when it comes to service, we like it fast. Whether it’s asking for next-day delivery or an instant reply to an email, we have become an impatient society. Here’s a change of pace for you—a story in praise of waiting. [Full content available to subscribers.]

Our Stories

ERDO: A 20-YEAR TRADITION—A Saskatchewan growing project finds new life

Farm families are used to hearing about the importance of succession planning for their operation. Having a plan in place to transfer ownership of the farm when one generation is ready to retire—or at least step back from the operation—makes good business sense. But what about growing projects? Amanda Thorsteinsson, communications co-ordinator for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, explores the changing of leadership at one specific growing project in Saskatchewan. Read more.


Donna Davies, former global worker to Liberia, celebrates how a men's group from Mistissini, a Cree Nation in northern Quebec, worked together to provide a place for the people of Liberia to sleep. Read more.


MISSION CANADA: PICTURE THE BEAUTY—A nation being transformed
Canada. It’s beautiful in so many ways. But the beauty of the gospel shared, understood and received is more powerful than any waterfall, majestic mountain peak, or glistening horizon line. The beauty of a life transformed is eternal. Natalie Rogge, director of communications and strategic initiatives, and the strategic manager for Mission Canada, shares four short segments of much larger stories, as told by some of our Mission Canada workers, so you can picture with us a nation being transformed, one life at a time. Read more.

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