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July/August 2016 testimony



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                                                                                                                                              YOUR MUSINGS ON PRAYERDiscoveries along the way from a stumbling theologian

Martin (Marty) Mittelstadt is a theologian and biblical scholar. We are often tempted to think that people like him are experts when it comes to things like prayer. But Marty has a confession to make and some musings to offer on prayer that you may find refreshingly honest and helpful. Read more.


SEVEN QUESTIONS FOR: CARLENE HORNBY-ALLENThoughts on career, faith and ministry

We don’t usually use the words ministry and tax accounting in the same sentence, but for Carlene Hornby Allen they are the vocabulary of her life. In this issue’s Seven Questions feature, we read her thoughts on building a career upon on the cornerstones of faith and ministry. Read more.


THE RIGHT FORMULAEA young woman’s passion for God, science and marginalized youth

Eugenia Duodu has packed a lot of living into the first two decades of her life. Here is a young woman who loves God, is passionate about helping marginalized youth, and who is in her element in a chemistry lab. This is the story of how she ended up working at the perfect intersection of all that she loves. [Full content available to subscribers.]


JOHN LENNON'S CALL FOR HELP!The story of one Beatle’s brush with the gospel

In the summer of 1965, “Beatlemania” was sweeping across North America like a tsunami. The band’s second North American tour smashed attendance and revenue records and teenage girls screamed, cried and fainted at every Beatles concert. Ironically, while teens were idolizing the “Fab Four” from Britain, at least one member of the band was desperately searching for life’s meaning. Bob Jones tells us the story of John Lennon’s little-known encounter with Jesus Christ. [Full content available to subscribers.]


GIVING UP CLOSET SPACEA movie inspires a movement of prayer

The movie War Room hit theatres across North America late last August. On its opening weekend, it finished second at the box office in spite of receiving a host of negative reviews by the critics. The next weekend it was number one. What is most amazing, though, is what has happened since. Here is one example of the movement this movie has inspired. [Full content available to subscribers.]


LOST AND FOUNDGod’s startling demonstration of love in humiliation

Getting lost is not as easy as it used to be. With a GPS in your car or access to the Internet on your cellphone, you can, within seconds, know exactly where in the world you are and how to get to where you want to go—geographically at least. But in this Wordview feature, Robert Osborne sees a different kind of “lost-ness” in the parables of Jesus in Luke 15 and highlights a startling turn of events. Read more.


Departmental Stories

MISSION CANADA: TRANSITIONS—Making the Leap to Post-Secondary Education
Read an insightful interview from Dr. Robb Powell, the national co-ordinator for Campus Mission Canada, a national network of campus ministries connected to the PAOC. Robb highlights the importance of having young people connected to a disciple-making community when they move from high school to a post-secondary environment. Read more.


INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS: A WONDERFUL WORLD?—Reflections from France on Fear, Hope and Faith
In November 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in Paris, France. Patricia DeWit and her husband, Peter, are PAOC global workers in France. Hear from Patricia on how these recent events have affected her, but also strengthened her faith in God at the same time. Read more.


ERDO: HOPE FOR BANGLADESH—Helping Families Get the Best for Their Children
Bangladesh is a developing country and is one of the most densely populated in the world. Of their 160 million people, 40 per cent are children. Learn from David Adcock, chief executive officer of ERDO, who recently returned from a tour of Bangladesh on how ERDO is assisting with meeting people's practical needs there. Read more.


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