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July/August 2015 testimony



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MY JOURNEY WITH AN ENEMYLearning to walk with rather than away from
You’re a Christian. You’re pretty easygoing and get along with most people. In fact, the idea of having an enemy is not even on your radar. Then one day all that changes and you are at serious odds with a fellow Christian. That’s where this writer found herself recently, and this is part of the journey she’s been on. [Full content available to subscribers.]

WE CAN'T ABANDON THEM NOWChristians in Burundi are asking us to pray
Most of us would need Googleto even know what continent the country of Burundi is on. This small landlocked African country of 10 million people has been in the news a lot lately. But then we read or hear about hundreds of crises and tragedies from around the globe every day. Sometimes it’s tempting to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear. Here’s a story that reminds us why we must not do that. [Full content available to subscribers.]

AN EXTRAORDINARY VIEWDisability and the body of Christ
“Extraordinary” and “courageous” are words people use when they talk about Andrea Foster. They are not words she uses to describe herself. In her words, this mother of four children—the younger two of whom are twins with special needs—is simply “a Jesus follower being helped by the Holy Spirit and supported by the body of Christ.” More important than what is said about her, though, is what she has to say. We invite you to consider her extraordinary view of people with disabilities and the church. [Full content available to subscribers.]

TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELFSaying enough without saying too much
With the insecurity of today’s job market, people of all ages and work experience are writing resumes and sitting in job interviews. Downsizing, plant closings, the scarcity of full-time positions—these are the new realities of the modern workplace. So, if you are job hunting or know someone who is, Carol Ford has some valuable advice for when a potential employer looks across the desk and says, “Tell me about yourself.” Read more.

A DISTINCTION TO CONSIDERWhat does it mean to be healed?
Praying for the sick has always occupied a prominent place in Pentecostal theology and practice. That’s not to say we all think the same way on the subject. Differing positions can be debated with deep conviction and passion. But after the Scripture verses have been quoted and the stories told, the questions that sparked the debate remain unanswered. Randall Holm had a friend who helped him consider another way of looking at divine healing. He invites us into the conversation. Read more.

A PATTERN OF PRAYERIn search of an everyday groove
We eat breakfast in the car on the way to work and lunch in the car on the way to an appointment—or we skip them all together. We’ve barely cleaned up after one meal and it’s time to start preparing the next one. We bring work home from the office, and a steady stream of texts and emails means that we are always “on call.” Life can get so crammed with the things we have to do that we can’t find room for the things we know we need to do. Like pray. How on earth do we find time in our day to pray? Lindsey Gallant is searching for an answer to that question. [Full content available to subscribers.]

Departmental Stories

MISSION CANADA: THIS AIN'T YO GRAMMA'S CHURCHQuashing Christian Stereotypes on Campus
Until recently, most people did not equate the PAOC with university ministry. That is coming to an end. We now have ministry expressions on over 50 campuses across the country … and we are adding more! In fact, we have a vision to add at least another 20 campuses by 2020 in our efforts to reach every campus in our nation by whatever means. It is both an incredible challenge and opportunity. Read more.
INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS: WHY EUROPE?The Brilliant Yet Daunting Task of Evangelism
Join Keith Waara, the director of Development and Strategic Initiatives for International Missions, as he talks about the spiritual needs of Europe and how one initiative, the Life Springs Centre in Germany is preparing workers to go across Europe to spread the gospel. Read more.
ERDO: PLANNING FOR CRISIS—Going The Distance in Times of Need
No one knows when a crisis will strike, yet each year ERDO staff review and update their crisis response planning. Learn from Carol Froom, ERDO's director of resource development, and David Adcock, the chief executive officer, about the support that ERDO has been able to provide for recent situations around the world and how they prepare for what crises will come in the future. Read more.

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