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May/June 2015 testimony



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The American poet, Gwendolyn Brooks, winner of the 1950 Pulitzer Prize for poetry, defined poetry as “life distilled.” Our COVERING THE ARTS feature in this issue offers three poems, written by two Canadian Christian women, who skilfully distill life and faith into words and images. [Full content available to subscribers.]

DOING CHURCH WITH KIDSWhy it’s important to do and some practical ways to do it
When parents try to combine the normal demands of raising kids with today’s constant pressure and frenetic pace of work, school, sports and social activities, some things get left out of the mix. Often, one of those things is involvement in a local church. Tony Warriner thinks that is a serious mistake. He offers parents some sound reasons and proven ways for doing church with kids. Read more.

RE-EXAMINING THE ROOTThe Ishmael story and the Middle East conflict
When it comes to the Middle East, we presume to know the “good guys” from the “bad guys.” Aren’t all Middle East conflicts the result of an Old Testament prophecy related to the descendants of Ishmael? Aren’t Ishmael’s descendants said to be against everyone? After a visit to the Middle East, Bob Jones re-examined the Genesis story. His discovery brought him back to the root of the conflict. Read more.

VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN—Stories that need to be told and listened to
Every day, in every country of the world, women and girls are victims of physical violence, sexual assault and harassment. The statistics are beyond disturbing and behind every statistic is a real life story. It takes unimaginable courage for a victim to tell their story, and too often the cost of telling only adds to their pain. Lisa Hall-Wilson tells us two such stories—one of them her own. [Full content available to subscribers.]

ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOUNTAINThe power of hope to bring us through
Ron Powell has learned that when you are clinging to the side of a mountain in the dark—literally or metaphorically—the thing you need most is hope. He’s been there, and he knows what it’s like to “get through.” Here are some stories that offer hope for those who are hanging on for dear life. [Full content available to subscribers.]

OUT OF THE ASHESA family’s story of loss and restoration
When the flames died out and the smoke cleared, Chris and Jackie Balson’s house and everything in it had been reduced to rubble and ash. This is the story of what escaped the flames and what has risen from the ashes. [Full content available to subscribers.]

Departmental Stories

INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS: HEY! YOU REMIND ME OF SOMEONE—Recognizing God in the People of Paris, France
Patricia DeWit, a global worker in France, explains how to recognize what God looks like and how every single person can remind us of Him. Using personal experience stories, she tells of the times when her own "God detector" has been set off as she, and her husband, Peter, have ministered to the people around them. Read more.
The traditional Christian church in Quebec, whether Roman Catholic or Protestant, is in a period of soul searching. How can the church influence the lives of its people in a significant way? Gary Connors, the Quebec and Francophone Canada co-ordinator for Mission Canada, outlines some opportunities for ministering to and reaching the people of Quebec. Read more.
ERDO: SCHOOLS OF HOPE—Bringing Education to More Students in Honduras
Schools of Hope is a ministry based out of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Tegucigalpa—or Tegus, as it is more commonly referred to—is a city of well over one million people and is surrounded by mountains. Schools of Hope operates on one of these mountains. Randy and Judy Lundrigan, PAOC global workers, are the directors, and their story is a powerful testimony of God’s leading. Read more.

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