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May/June 2014 testimony



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n immersion in divine love
Ewen Butler grew up in a Pentecostal church and, as a teenager, witnessed people—including his father—experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Several years later, while in university, he, too, experienced what he remembers as “God opening up the floodgates of His love.” For him, that immersion in the love of God has come to define the experience of Spirit baptism. [Full content available to subscribers.]

BREATH OF LIFE—The gift of the Spirit and the way of forgiveness

June 8 is Pentecost Sunday, a day when the church celebrates the coming of the Spirit. What do we know about the Holy Spirit, and what difference does He make in our lives as followers of Jesus? Bob Osborne looks back to when the risen Jesus breathed on the disciples and gave them a practical example of what it would mean to be Spirit-gifted people. Read more.

A VOICE OF WONDER—The gift of a dying Dad’s prayer

When Glen died of leukemia at age 37, he left a big gap in the lives of his wife, Anna, and their two young boys, Ryland and Charlie. Bonnie Beldan-Thomson, Anna’s mother, tells the story from a fatal diagnosis to a final miraculous prayer. Read more.

THESE STONES WE WALK ONDiscovering hope in unexpected places
Elizabeth Norrie went for her usual walk one day when her eyes were opened to an unusual sight—the ground she was walking on was littered with hope. Now everyday stones are being turned into beautiful jewelry and the children at the Village of Hope Zimbabwe are being turned toward a brighter future. [Full content available to subscribers.]

DIGITAL AGE PARENTING—Getting up to speed in a high-speed world
A 140-character tweet can have a school locked down and your teen thrown in jail. A photo posted online could cost your teen that dream job opportunity, and they’d never know why they weren’t hired. As parents, how can we start the conversation surrounding social media with our kids? Lisa Hall-Wilson believes the first step is being informed. Check out her helpful advice on parenting in this digital age. [Full content available to subscribers.]

POINTES OF VIEW—Insight, practical ideas, and proven principles to inspire hope, love and faith in your life
Bob Jones is a husband, father and grandfather. For the past 20 years he has also been senior pastor at North Pointe Community Church in Edmonton, Alberta. In his online bio he writes, "I love being a pastor and inspiring faith in Jesus through speaking, blogging, counselling and coaching. I enjoy running, reading, and ball hockey." Obviously, he's an Edmonton Eskimos fan. (For reasons less obvious he also admits to being a fan of the Patriots and Bruins.) And to top it all off, we think he's a pretty good writer. [Full content available to subscribers.]

Departmental Stories

James and Colleen Guskjolen, are global workers with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada in Panama City, Panama. James is also the regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean. Read about the various races that global workers face in that part of the world and what the PAOC is doing to run and win those races. Read more.

MISSION CANADA: CALGARY CAMPUS MINISTRY—Impacting 45,000 students for the sake of the gospel
University campuses are among the most challenging but promising mission fields on the Canadian landscape. While being an exciting time for most students, university life is full of pitfalls and challenges. Hundreds of thousands of students’ minds are being influenced in ways that can have a significant impact on the direction of the rest of their lives. With this in mind, Kelly Johnson recently gave some insight into what God is doing among students at the University of Calgary (U of C) and Mount Royal University (MRU) in Alberta, combined home to more than 45,000 full-time and part-time students. Read more.

ERDO: GIFTS OF LOVE AND HOPE—Changing lives through microfinancing
Share in the success of ERDO's microfinancing Wezesha Project as you witness the impact it has made in several people's lives and what positive results have come about because of it. Read more.

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