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This is Good News! A Story from Calvary Temple, Saint John

Calvary Temple

In Saint John, New Brunswick, Calvary Temple’s stone church building has stood since 1919. From its conception in 1965, Calvary Temple has had a strong presence in the community. The church serves the neighbouring community in practical ways—through a pantry ministry, children’s play group, take-out Kraft Dinner lunches for high school students, family festivals and holiday meals. Through its history in the area and its demonstrated love, the church has earned a place of influence and a platform to share the gospel with people of all ages.

While the heart of the church has remained strong, the building itself was recently in dire need of repair. The deterioration of the roof’s shingles, causing leaking and water damage, became a top priority. The estimate for the building restoration costs, including the roof repairs, was $150,000—a price tag beyond the budget of the church’s congregation of 100 people.  

The church launched its fundraising campaign in January 2021. In the months that followed, Calvary’s lead pastor, Chad Nickerson, was amazed at the outpouring of generosity. Twelve different churches across the Maritimes and Ontario rallied around Calvary Temple and sent support.

By the end of June, the church had raised $87,000 and had caught the attention of several local and regional media sources. One article published by CTV News Atlantic, “Calvary Temple Church in Saint John, N.B. overwhelmed with support for restoration costs”, quotes administrative assistant Debbie Michaels: “We trust and we believe and we know God will provide, but it’s just astounding when you see the checks for $5,000.”

In this article and others, Calvary Temple leadership has been able to publicly share their story of God’s faithful provision and the unity across the body of Christ. What a testimony!

To date, Calvary Temple has raised over $135,000. They have been able to complete the work on the roof and are starting to refurbish the interior damage from the roof leaking. They continue to be surprised and blessed by the generous giving toward this project. 

Photos courtesy Calvary Temple.

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