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This is Good News! A Story from Julia Walda

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A little over three years ago, I was radically saved after an encounter with Jesus where I died and went to heaven in a dream one night. The following morning, I woke up born again and on a mission to know the One I met in my dream. Right away I started reading the Bible and experiencing the transforming power of the Holy Spirit; it was a real “Saul to Paul” experience for me. There hasn’t been a dull season yet.

As time passes, I am continually growing in my intimacy with God and my knowledge of His unchanging character. He has willed me to dive deep into this life with Him, and to throw off everything that could hinder me from living in complete surrender to His will. He has empowered both my husband and I to believe Him at His Word, and to pursue the impossible – for everything is possible with God. We have been so inspired by the New Testament church, the outworking of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and our forefathers in the faith who believed God could do anything. I myself have been inspired to pray for the sick, believing that entire cities can experience the healing power of God. I am utterly convinced that we as Christians who have been baptized in the Holy Ghost can be known as those who walk in the mighty wonders of God Almighty – known for healing, signs and wonders, and most important of all – love.

Because I believe that Jesus can be glorified in this way, I make it my mission daily to believe God when He says I can lay hands on the sick and they will recover. I also believe the great commission is for all of us, so I also look for ways to spread the gospel in my day-to-day life! There was an encounter I had with a young boy one day who was having a severe rage episode in the middle of the street while I was out walking. In the natural, we are taught to avoid such people and preserve our own safety; however, in my spirit I felt strongly to walk straight towards this clearly distraught boy who now sat crying on the steps of a church. My heart was moved to weep with him as Jesus inside of me longed to show this boy His love. Because of my encounter with this young man, he has become convinced that the reality of God is truly love – all in the midst of this pandemic when I would have been cautioned to otherwise socially distance myself from him. I can assure you, Jesus in me grabbed that boy’s hand and knelt before him without any fear of this virus – Jesus is Lord in all situations. I also had the immense pleasure of baptizing a sister in her bathtub amidst this pandemic as well, as there was no other place for her to have it done! After speaking on the phone with her, the next day I drove the four hours to meet with her and joyfully completed the baptism in her bathtub! It was GLORIOUS!

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