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A message from one of our PAOC district’s prayer co-ordinators

“After a period of corporate discernment, it has been strongly confirmed from many who have been seeking the Lord for what He wants to do through the COVID-19 season see that He is right now positioning the Church to be marvelously mobilized into mission — and all the more so, as the safety restrictions ease. The nation(s) have changed. People are aware of their mortality and spiritual need, and the Church has been praying unlike anytime in recent memory.

"With this in mind, we are gathering leaders from a wide variety of churches and ministries (spearheaded by Redleaf Prayer, NHOP and The Cry) to a full day of online prayer on the Day of Ascension (May 21) – the day that Jesus gave the Great Commission.

"We’re calling it the Great Commission Day of Prayer.
It will take place on May 21 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
It’s a Zoom webinar format, which requires everyone to register.

"At any given moment of the day there will be a team of 20-30 pastors and ministry leaders who will be seen and heard on the screen, giving leadership to the prayer. Some will be on all day, others, for a specific segment.

"Everyone else will join in as participants - we are praying this will be in the thousands - while they will not be seen or heard, they can engage and add comments or prayers of intercession through the chat stream (this will be moderated).

The various segments are:

1)   Regions
      • Atlantic (Pastor Andrew Bryce leading)
      • Quebec (Pastor Anne-Claire Freake leading)
      • Ontario (Pastor Brenden Witton leading)
      • Manitoba + the North (Pastor Glenda Schwarz leading)
      • Saskatchewan + Alberta (Jim Hall leading)
      • British Columbia (Pastor Leah Dickens leading)

2)   Kids - a shorter segment with kids aged 7-12 or so praying for kids (Fr. Nico Dreshner leading)

3)   Evangelists - Prayer for the Canadian evangelists (like a virtual cluster), with prophecy over them if the Lord releases that, then asking them to pray over the Church and nation (leader to be confirmed).”

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