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PAOC Prayer - Your Update for the Week of March 11, 2019

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PAOC Prayer is a weekly communication of prayer requests sent from The PAOC International Office in Mississauga, Ont. To download a PDF version of PAOC Prayer, please click here.

Join us this week in praying for these specific needs in our nation, our world, and in our PAOC family of workers, both internationally and in Canada. If you have received this communication as a forwarded message and want to sign up for weekly prayer updates, click here.



A plane crashed in Addis Ababa on Sunday (March 10), which killed 157 people, including 18 Canadians. It was confirmed that no global workers were on board and all staff members who were on the way to Nairobi are safe. Pray that God will grant comfort to everyone impacted, especially those who have lost friends and family. Pray for opportunities for the gospel to spread, so that many people will find comfort and hope in Christ.



Pray for the upcoming “Churches That Multiply” clinic that is being held at Crossroads Church in Amherst, Nova Scotia, on March 15. Ask God to inspire and encourage all of the people in attendance with lots of valuable information. May God use what they learn to help them partner with Jesus to grow their churches and share the gospel in their communities.



Pray for everyone impacted by the tornado that killed at least 23 people, injured 50, and caused massive destruction in Alabama on March 3. Pray that God will comfort those in the affected areas, whether they have been injured, lost family and friends or lost their homes. Pray that many people will have opportunities to hear and receive the gospel in the aftermath of this event. Pray also that God will guide residents as they support one another and begin to rebuild.


Peter & Arlene Paluch


May God bless Peter and Arlene with encouragement, wisdom and direction as they assist with several ministries in Europe. Pray that church planting in Poland will expand. Pray for strength and wisdom for the churches and leaders in Crimea. Pray also for the Poland church to be more engaged in overseas missions.


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