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PAOC Prayer - Your Update for the Week of October 22, 2018

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PAOC Prayer is a weekly communication of prayer requests sent from The PAOC International Office in Mississauga, Ont. To download a PDF version of PAOC Prayer, please click here.

Join us this week in praying for these specific needs in our nation, our world, and in our PAOC family of workers, both internationally and in Canada. If you have received this communication as a forwarded message and want to sign up for weekly prayer updates, click here.


Pray for everyone attending the day of intercessory prayer and fasting that is being held on October 27 at Melville Pentecostal Church in Melville, Saskatchewan. Pray that God will pour out His Spirit to revitalize this church and the area around it. Pray also that people will be inspired and encouraged in their prayer lives after their day together.



Youth pastors will be attending the Fall Forum on October 23 at Glad Tidings Church in Sudbury, Ontario. May God use what they learn to help them grow and build great teams in the youth ministries they serve. Pray that He will also use what they experience to encourage them and impart wisdom moving forward. Pray also that these youth leaders will continue to be empowered in their God-given gifts and talents to make an even greater kingdom impact in the lives of youth.



Pray for the women who attended the “All In” Leadership Day on October 20 at Kingston Gospel Temple in Kingston, Ontario. Pray that God continues to unite these women and open doors to help them use what they learned to serve and reach their communities for Christ.


Don & Marie-José Mann


May God encourage and strengthen Don and Marie-José as they minister to the people around them. Pray for safety and protection as they travel. Pray that a movement of integrity will spread across Africa and that out of Africa, integrity will spread to the world. Pray that many of the Chinese living and working in Africa will respond to the gospel, and will ultimately also share it upon returning to their homeland. Pray also that many women in South Africa will use their newfound sewing skills as a means of sustaining their families. 


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