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Missions Hotline - Requests for the Week of June 26, 2017


The PAOC Missions Hotline is a weekly communication of prayer requests that may include PAOC global workers, Mission Canada workers, district or constituency prayer needs, and current Canadian or international news events and related needs. It is sent weekly from The PAOC International Office in Mississauga, Ont. To download a PDF version of the Missions Hotline, please click here.


Week of June 26, 2017


Terror attacks on churches and Christians in India, Afghanistan and Iraq are increasing. Twenty churches in India were burned down with terror groups planning to destroy more than 200 churches and kill 200 missionaries within 24 hours. Twenty-two Christian missionary families are sentenced to be executed in Afghanistan. It is reported that hundreds of men, women and children are being beheaded in Iraq. Pray for God’s deliverance, protection and mercy on the Christians in these regions as many of them are in hiding. Pray for their encouragement, peace and comfort at this dangerous time. Pray also that God will move in the hearts and lives of these terror groups so that they turn from darkness to the light of Christ.



On June 14, a fire very quickly spread through a 24-storey apartment building in London, England. The blaze killed almost 80 people and injured over 70 people. 70 more people are still missing and presumed dead. Pray that God will comfort, encourage and strengthen everyone impacted, including those mourning the loss of loved ones and those who are injured. Pray for healing for people’s injuries and for appropriate housing for those who have been displaced. Pray also that there will be opportunities for the gospel to be shared in the midst of this disaster.


Simon & Ruth Clarence


Pray that God will bless Simon and Ruth with effective partnerships and ongoing ministry opportunities. Pray that people’s hearts and minds will be receptive to the gospel as they minister to them. Pray also for safety as they travel.

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