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men-39-s-prayer---istock_4494131_largeRichard Swiatek of Montreal and the Quebec District, in conjunction with Steve Sparling of the Eastern Ontario District, and Norm Bishop of the Western Ontario District, are inviting men of all eight PAOC districts to join them at designated locations in each province at 11:45 p.m. on Friday, November 11, 2016, for a full night of prayer. It will be a time of focused prayer for the practical and spiritual needs of the men both inside and outside of our churches throughout Canada.

If you would like to organize a night of prayer with the men in your church, here is an outline for how the night will unfold at each venue: MEN'S NIGHT OF PRAYER - OUTLINE FOR NOVEMBER 11, 2016

(Note: topics and sessions can be altered to suit your men's particular needs.)

Here are the action items to help you organize and join the night of prayer: MEN'S NIGHT ACTION ITEMS IN PREPARATION FOR NOVEMBER 11, 2016

Click here to learn  more about how plans for this night of prayer, specially designed for men, began to unfold: Vision for the Men of Honor Men's Prayer Night on November 11, 2016

Please contact your district to learn more about what churches in your region may be doing to participate in this initiative: PAOC District Offices

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