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Something Special: A 2020 Initiative Update

1---2020-initiative-logoWe are sharing a special story that highlights the intentional way that the 2020 Initiative and church multiplication efforts are unfolding fruitfully in our Fellowship. District Superintendent Craig Burton of the Eastern Ontario and Nunavut District (EOND) wrote this letter to the District Executive, in response to a letter of thanks received from Maritime District Superintendent Kevin Johnson. Rev. Johnson was expressing thanks for a generous gift towards church planting given by the EOND to the Maritime District.


August 4, 2016

Eastern Ontario and Nunavut District Executive

Good Morning Friends,

I wanted to share this letter from Kevin Johnson in response to the Eastern Ontario and Nunavut District’s special one-time gift of $20,000 to the Maritime District. I carried the cheque with me to the Superintendents’ Missions Trip in Germany back in June because I knew I would see Kevin there. It was a special moment when I had the privilege of handing him the envelope and represented you and our EOND Family by expressing our collective support and goodwill towards the Maritime District. 

In this reply, Kevin refers to the Launch of the School of Ministry. Just to clarify, that is the First Year Program through Master’s College and Seminary that is being launched this fall in Truro, Nova Scotia. We have talked for many years about an extension site on the east coast to better serve students who find it prohibitively expensive to relocate to Peterborough – it is finally coming to pass.

Again, thank you for your generous hearts and willingness to encourage our friends in the Maritimes.  It really is better to give than receive.  The letter is attached for you to read.


Rev. Craig J. Burton, Superintendent,

Eastern Ontario and Nunavut District,

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada


July 21, 2016

Rev. Craig Burton & Members of the District Executive

Eastern Ontario & Nunavut District

Dear Craig and Members of the District Executive,

We are incredibly grateful for the generous financial gift you recently presented to the Maritime District. When Craig handed the cheque to me, I was surprised and a little overwhelmed. Your support of the work we are doing here means a great deal to us.

We have had to make a number of painful decisions over the last four years while we have been charting a course towards a fruitful future. To know that members of our national family are standing with us gives us courage to continue and it reminds us that when we step out in faith to risk for God, He shows up in unexpected ways to provide what we need.

We appreciate being able to use your gift as we see fit but want you to know that a significant part of this will be going to the new Launch School of Ministry. This will help us to continue the steps we need to take to train and develop our emerging leaders.

Craig, and our friends at Eastern Ontario & Nunavut District, thank you! We are praying that the Holy Spirit will pour out His provision on your endeavours and that you will experience a season of fruitfulness unlike anything you've seen to date.

We are praying that someday we will be able to do the same for another district, as you have done for us.

With grateful hearts!

Rev. Kevin Johnson

District Superintendent

Maritime District – PAOC



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Launch School of Ministry (LSM) VISION STATEMENT

We want to see a generation of leaders and future pastors who are effective in ministering to our region, understand the vision and commitment involved with planting new churches and are passionate about reaching the lost.


A Note from Director of Launch School of Ministry (LSM) Jim Molloy

We are actively searching for those leaders who want to develop themselves spiritually and academically. We are looking for those who are up for a challenge! Is that YOU?

 If you are looking for God to radically transform your life, then you have come to the right place. Our desire is to empower and equip men and women of God through the Launch School of Ministry (LSM). Spiritual Leadership development is what we do, and we’re excited you may join us!

We strongly believe a person learns to lead only by leading. Leaders grow by facing real challenges and learning from their successes and failures. So at Launch, you will learn leadership and you will do leadership. In fact, we are asking you to help plant a church! Built into the core of our school is “hands-on experience.” Students not only hear about theology, ministry and the supernatural, but they are able to apply what they learn in the classroom through regular, practical application opportunities.

Before you enroll, there are a few things you should know:

First, you are going to have to invest about $12,000 into your development. (Our program is an “extension site” of Master’s College and Seminary so it does qualify for student loans and grants.)

Second, it’s going to be difficult. Fun, but difficult. We are calling you to go to deep places in your spirituality, your awareness of self, and personal discipline.

Third, it’s going to be an adventure! We will take you to various destinations in Canada and the USA. You will meet great people and have fantastic experiences.

Lastly, our goal is to launch people into supernatural living similar to what is witnessed in the book of Acts and to raise up radical “spiritual warriors” who will make a big impact for the kingdom of God. We are producing a new cohort of believers who release miracles and the power of God in our world today. We are led by the Holy Spirit. We try to listen closely to Him. He is the primary force behind everything that we do.

You can check out the rest of our site and contact us if we can help answer any questions you may have. Feel free to email me directly.

Prayerfully consider joining us on an 8-month adventure that will change many lives—including your own!”

  Visit to learn more about this program.