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News from Canadian Foodgrains Bank: Foodgrains Bank Inviting Teachers, Educators to Nicaragua

Foodgrains Bank* Inviting Teachers, Educators to Nicaragua

*ERDO, the humanitarian agency of the PAOC, is one of CFGB’s partners.


Canadian Foodgrains Bank is inviting applications for its educators learning tour to Nicaragua in August 2016.

Tour participants will visit Foodgrains Bank projects, engage with small-scale Nicaraguan farmers, and learn firsthand about the issues surrounding global hunger.

“Our hope is that by allowing Canadian educators to hear the stories of people affected by global hunger, meet those people, and spend time with them, they will be better equipped to share about global hunger issues with their students,” says Foodgrains Bank Youth Engagement Coordinator Naomi Happychuk.

“The opportunity to meet people who experience hunger in their daily lives is a powerful opportunity,” she adds.

Some of the topics the group hopes to explore include food security, small-scale agriculture, skills and techniques for teaching hunger and global issues, different models of development, and global citizenship.

The two-week long tour will take place in the first two weeks of August. It includes getting to know local communities through a homestay with Nicaraguan farmers, meeting government representatives and other actors in the area of hunger and nutrition, visits to local marketplaces, and debriefing sessions.

Prior to leaving, an orientation will take place where participants will learn more about Canadian Foodgrains Bank and prepare for the cultural experience on which they are embarking.

Anyone who is an educator of children, youth, or young adults is welcome to apply to go on the tour. The includes but is not limited to, youth pastors, public school and church-based school teachers, 4H leaders, and anyone else who engages young Canadians.

The cost of the tour is approximately $2,800 and includes all airfare and in-country costs. 

There is some opportunity for financial support upon request. The application deadline for the tour is May 15, 2016.

For more information and to apply go to contact Naomi Happychuk at or 1-800-665-0377.


--Amanda Thorsteinsson, Communications Officer


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Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 churches and church agencies working together to end global hunger. In the 2014-15 budget year, the Foodgrains Bank provided over $41 million of assistance for 1.1 million people in 39 countries. Canadian Foodgrains Bank projects are undertaken with matching support from the Government of Canada. Assistance from the Foodgrains Bank is provided through its member agencies, which work with local partners in the developing world.