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Better Together - Recent PAOC Publication Available for Order

Better Together – A Tool  to Communicate the Value and Strength of Co-operative Fellowship

Recently in our home city, my family and I experienced two months of rain within 1½ hours. Streams we were hardly aware of overflowed to become torrents running chaotically everywhere, flooding homes and streets. My son’s vehicle met a miserable death in one of the underpasses. Thankfully, we were able to get his wife and two young children safely out as the water flowed around us.

Rivers and streams are great. They convey life. Clearly, they do that best when they have the direction and guidance that banks bring. The governance of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), as stated in our constitutional materials, has three overarching principles—affiliation, self-governance and co-operative fellowship. It may be best to picture our governance as a forceful, life-giving river running between two banks.

No governance model for the life of the Lord’s church is perfect. What we do know is that the life that is in the church must be directed to fulfil its purpose and mission. Affiliation that brings accountability, purposeful structure and a sense of belonging is a valuable bank for the local church. So also is the direction and focus that a co-operative fellowship of churches, ministries and leaders provides so that shared mission and service is achieved. I am convinced that the impact of the river’s life multiples within the banks of affiliation and co-operation, and so, “we are better together.”

We have prepared “Better Together” (full document attached) as a helpful tool to communicate to church boards, members and membership classes the value and strength of being a co-operative fellowship of affiliated, life giving churches. I trust you will find this brochure helpful for that purpose.

Please contact our order desk at 905-542-7400 ext. 7291 or to get your copies free of charge … only a shipping fee will apply. 

Dave Wells,
General Superintendent, The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada