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Eastern Ontario District (EOD) Rebrands to Officially Include Nunavut

Nunavut, Canada's newest territory, has now been officially incorporated into Eastern Ontario District’s name and logo. Led by recently re-elected district superintendent Craig Burton, the Eastern Ontario District is embracing the missional challenges and opportunities of Canada’s Arctic as it formally re-brands itself to be called “The Eastern Ontario and Nunavut District” (EOND) of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Nunavut was formed on April 1, 1999, when it was sub-divided from the Northwest Territories. On January 1, 2000, the Eastern Ontario & Quebec District birthed the District du Quebec, leaving a “postage stamp” geographically for the new Eastern Ontario District. Shortly afterwards, the General Executive determined that the new territory of Nunavut should be part of Eastern Ontario. This is a vast Arctic territory that makes up 20 per cent of Canada’s land mass. Interestingly, this makes Eastern Ontario and Nunavut, by far, the largest geographical district in the PAOC. The population of Nunavut, however stands at just 33,000 people.

Virtually 50 per cent of the total Inuit population in Nunavut is under 24 years of age. They face more problems than any other age demographic in Canada with suicide being the leading cause of preventable deaths in Nunavut. Inuit youth are also more than three times more likely to be sexually abused than the average Canadian.

Wayne and Linda Moore have been serving in ministry at Iqaluit Pentecostal Church, the only PAOC church in Nunavut, for almost 30 years. The Eastern Ontario and Nunavut District is also partnering with Bill Prankard and Stephen Carleton as the district’s Women’s Network has identified the Arctic Hope Project as the 2015 missional initiative. The lives of many children and youth in Repulse Bay and Cape Dorset will be positively impacted. Bill Prankard and the Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association have been ministering in Canada’s Arctic for over 40 years.

Says Rev. Burton: “Our district is embracing the missional challenges and opportunities of Canada’s Arctic as we formally re-brand ourselves to be called ‘The Eastern Ontario and Nunavut District’ of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. We are looking forward to a renewed season of spiritual impact throughout the region.”