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Alberta 2013 (Alpha) - A Look at Participation and Results from a PAOC Perspective

Here is a summary of evangelism efforts through Alberta 2013. The largest denominational participation was from the PAOC. Here are some highlight outcomes of the undertaking:

 ·        30,461 people took the training on Christ and Christianity as presented in the Alpha course

·         21% were non-church (6,397)

·         325 churches throughout the province were on board

·         More than 20 denominations participated

·         Churches (86%) reported that people in their congregation engaged in invitational conversations (ranging between modest and very significant) as a result of Alberta 2013

·         68% of participating churches experienced growth through the endeavor

·         Churches gave it 7 out of 10 as effective

·         88% of the churches said they would recommend this kind of initiative to another province

·         Over 4,874 people initialized or re-engaged a salvation decision regarding faith in Christ

This report was provided by Gary Taitinger of Mill Woods Assembly in Edmonton, AB.