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The Next Obedient Step

David Wells - testimony PhotoThere are ideals that each of us would long to see realized personally, in our relationships or the life of the church. A decision must be made regarding what the next step will be to address the gap between our ideal and the current reality we see. Do I let it go and give up? Do I grow cynical and critical, continually pointing out the gap with angst and perhaps anger?

A response I have felt called to make when I face the gap between the ideal and the real is to take the next obedient step the Lord calls me to. It doesn’t guarantee the whole gap will be closed, but it does allow me to be responsible for my life and character, for my part in a relational matter, and my calling and responsibility in the Lord’s church.

The gaps between the ideal and the real within the life of the church are regularly on display for all to see. I am probably aware of them in greater detail and regularity than most! Without being naive, cynical or defeatist, my calling from the Lord is to take the next obedient step He directs me to in the areas I am accountable for. As an individual follower of Jesus, one of those next steps is to know how to answer to the areas I am calling the wider church to respond to.

Our theme at the next General Conference in May 2024 is “We – The Called.” Let me take you through each of the strategic areas we are calling churches, ministries and leaders to pursue. What are the next obedient steps I will be taking in 2024 and beyond?

First, as part of our alignment with global prayer movements that focus on intercession as the primary mission of the church, we have joined with the call for every local church to become a “house of prayer” for all nations. Our passion is for spiritually alive, Spirit-empowered churches and ministries, with prayer acting like the spine supporting all initiatives within the Lord’s body.

The clear mandate is to ensure I am leading the way in calls to prayer, encouraging prayer movements, and that I am leading with prayerful discernment. Our national prayer co-ordination will focus on the leader’s life of prayer and the equipping of our strategic vision for “houses of prayer.” I believe churches that are vital in this manner will multiply—locally, regionally and globally. We encourage a movement of “Every One to Everyone,” with a re-personalization of the gospel where there is a passion for the Good News of Jesus to go to everyone.

I am praying the passion and aptitude to be witnesses will recapture us. As a leader, I continually seek to be among others who need Jesus and to offer them His grace and truth. I am also seeking to honour those gifted as evangelists and to ensure that collectively, their voice is heard and ministry seen. I am calling them to train the whole body of Christ to be His witnesses.

I am praying for our Multiply Network and those who are leading the way to multiply disciple-making communities among us. The apostolic fires within our multipliers must be honoured and resourced. They will stimulate us to go to every Canadian.

We are trusting the “Lord of the Harvest” to provide labourers—specialized personnel on mission in Canada—to reach the gaps that appear largely disconnected from any knowledge of a God who so loved them that He sent Jesus. God is at work, and I am praying that we will multiply the number of our Mission Canada workers. Let us enhance the aptitude of our churches and people to go and be among Canadians who seem far from and even ignorant of God and His liberating truth.

I continue to pray for vital churches and ministries that are engaged in global missions where we seek to go to the least reached and most vulnerable. We are praying and acting to see the entire population of the planet (more than 8 billion people) have a Spirit-empowered witness of Jesus. In alignment with the global networks that we are members of, “We believe the next ten years will be the greatest decade of fulfilling the mandate of Jesus as together, empowered by the Spirit, we proclaim the ‘Good News’ and establish new churches.”[1]

Underlying the focus of these areas of vision and prayer is clarity that for this resolution to be realized, a generation of younger women and men, youth and children, called by their Lord, will arise to be all that Jesus calls them to be.

We desire to reach, disciple and develop the callings of children, youth and young adults. Our clear conviction is that those who are younger will lead us into the future God has for His people in 2033 and beyond.

My continual prayer is for this generation to arise with this strong sense of calling so that the Lord’s mission will be accomplished in the decade ahead, as God envisions. I pray that my generation will prepare the way through spiritual battle, mentoring, modelling and provision of opportunity so that the next generation, with love for God and others, will fulfil His mission in greater ways than we can even imagine.

Lord, hear our prayers in all these areas we long for. Close the gaps, and let vision become reality. For Your glory, Amen.


1. Resolution of the Pentecostal World Fellowship Executive Committee.   

This article was written by David Wells, the general superintendent of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. This article appeared in the Spring 2024 issue of testimony/Enricha quarterly publication of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. © 2024 The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Visit