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PAOC Ukraine Update and Call for Prayer

PAOC has an associate global worker in Ukraine — Ed Dickson and his family. In God’s sovereignty they returned to Canada on furlough some months ago, long before the current problems started. They are safe and sound in southern Ontario and helping to co-ordinate the PAOC humanitarian response in Ukraine through ERDO (Emergency Relief and Development Overseas). All donations are most welcome and can be made at The funds will be a big blessing!
We thank God the Dicksons are safe, but that said, we are extremely concerned for our national partners and their families still in Ukraine. Lines of communication remain open, and we are in contact with them. Thankfully, the banking system is still working so we are able to send support to help our national partners buy food and other necessities needed to get through these dark days.

We also remember the family of one of our global workers who is from Ukraine. We pray that God will protect her family during this time of war.

a. One pastor and his church planting team are still alive but in an area of heavy fighting. On Wednesday they were able to evacuate their wives and children to a safe city where they have family. They have vowed to remain to continue ministering to their flocks during this terrible time.

b. Another pastor and his church planting team are also all safe although they are experiencing heavy fighting. That pastor and his team are also determined to stay with the churches now—during their darkest hour. They are obviously concerned but not afraid.

c. Praise God our precious ChildCARE Plus sponsored children in are also all safe and sound at the moment. There was bombing of some military installations outside of town but the city itself has so far been spared from attack.

d. The faculty and staff of our primary educational partner are also all safe with their families in their homes. They have offered housing for students and their families displaced by the heaviest fighting in East Ukraine.

e. Russian forces are advancing from Crimea in the south and threatening cities where we have partner churches that also house satellite campuses and extension students. Again, pastors are concerned but not afraid and are staying with their people at this time.

f.  We know that many of our pastors and churches in Canada have direct relationships with the church in Ukraine. We pray for all those friends in Ukraine who have people in Canada who love and are very concerned about them.

Prayer Requests.

Please pray:

  1. For divine protection of Ukraine—especially of our national partners and families and our precious ERDO ChildCARE Plus children.

  2. For a peaceful solution to the crisis and an immediate end to hostilities. There are young men from our churches in Ukraine and Russia fighting on both sides of this conflict.

  3. That our pastors and churches would continue to be shining examples of the love and compassion of Christ, not only to their own people but to all the people of their communities.

  4. That somehow God would use this terrible situation for His glory and for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

  5. That lines of communication and supply remain open so we can continue to be in touch with our national partners in Ukraine and continue to send them much-needed help on the ground.

  6. Let us also pray for Russia. The church in Russia is strong and will also need our prayers. Let us remember the Bantseevs and the Pankovs and our many church partners in the country. 

Thank you for your love and concern for our dear friends in both Russia and Ukraine. They cannot express how much they appreciate the prayers and support of their brothers and sisters in the West—now more than ever.

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