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General Conference 2022 Welcome Message From David Wells

Photo of David Wells.

“Beyond the Impossible!”

On behalf of the General Executive and my fellow Executive Officers, I welcome you to this unique General Conference as we meet online for a special business session on Thursday, April 21 online, and in a hybrid fashion on May 16 to 18, 2022, including onsite at Calvary Temple in Winnipeg, Man. We are very grateful for the sacrificial preparation and warm welcome offered by Superintendent Andrew Porterfield and our Manitoba/Northwest Ontario District, along with Pastor Bruce Martin, Jared Clarke and the team at Calvary Temple. Collaborating with our office working groups, they have made it possible to host a hybrid conference, including business sessions, which will allow us to care for the needed elections and resolutions. Some have been in process for four years.

My roots are on the Prairies. Prairie communities and people, including the original (Indigenous) peoples, and those who settled through the waves of migration over the years, have historically demonstrated a heartiness and hospitality in places that many would deem inhospitable due to their climate. Live in a land that can get as cold as -30, -40, or even -50 degrees Celsius and still find places that can be warm and hospitable? Come on, that seems impossible! But as cities like Winnipeg and communities spread across our host district testify, no—it is not.

In the face of challenging—even, at times, seemingly impossible—realities, our Lord promises to do above and beyond through us as we focus on His priorities:

  • The Great Command, marked by spiritual renewal rooted in love for God, loving unity within God’s family, and love for neighbours.
  • The Great Requirement, where justice, mercy and humility are expressed in every dimension of our lives, individually and corporately.
  • The Great Commission, evidenced by a vital, multiplying, disciple-making movement, both in Canada and globally.

Through this conference, whether experienced onsite or online, we are believing that the Lord will impact us Spirit to spirit, heart to heart, and mind to mind in a way that will lead us to believe and act in a manner which demonstrates that nothing God calls us to do is impossible. To build warm, hospitable community on the prairies is impressive, but to build the kingdom of God in 2022 and beyond really does call us to partner with a miracle-working God.

Together at General Conference 2022, let us covenant to go “Beyond the Impossible” and experience all that God envisions for us.

Your brother in Jesus,

David Wells
General Superintendent of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

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