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Greetings Pentecostal family,

This weekend, Sunday May 23, marks Pentecost Sunday. As people of the Spirit, we encourage you to make the work and power of the Holy Spirit known to those you minister to or connect with in the coming days - even if it’s virtually or within pandemic restrictions being upheld in your regional area.

We are providing you with the following items to help you keep the message of the Spirit alive and at the forefront, not only for Spirit-filled believers and those desiring more of the Spirit, but also for those who may be looking on and wanting to know more as to the reasons and significance behind a day identified on calendars as “Pentecost Sunday.” Check out the following: 


One of the members of our PAOC Theological Study Commission, Will Sloos, shares thoughts around the importance of every day being Pentecost in the life of a believer. This new PAOC-developed video can be embedded into your online services, posted to your website, and shared through social media and electronically with your friends and family. For those able to conduct on-site services this weekend, we encourage you to show it at your in-person gathering. This video would also serve as a discussion starter in your home setting this Pentecost Sunday should you choose to gather family together to watch and engage in conversation.

Click here to view:   Pentecost Sunday video - 2021 PAOC.mp4

Subtitled version:   Pentecost Sunday video-English subtitles- 2021 (PAOC).mp4

2. SPIRIT NOW – 25th Pentecostal World Conference (PWC) documentary video

The documentary crew from YES TV/Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. that was at PWC2019 has completed their work on their feature, “Spirit Now.” Using the conference and a broad range of participants as a base to share from, they creatively told of how the Spirit works in us to tell the story of Jesus in a way that brings glory to the Father—with a Pentecostal tone. Tongues, Spirit empowerment, and generational and Christian unity are openly discussed.  “Spirit Now” does cover the challenges the conference organizers faced but brings us back to the most impactful conference themes:—the Spirit’s work, prayer, unity, and our shared mission globally. This documentary is another positive legacy piece from PWC2019 in Calgary where the Canadian Pentecostal church partnered in the Spirit for kingdom impact. The on-going cry remains “Spirit Now!...for such a time as this.”

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3. PRELUDE TO PENTECOST – Recording from Sunday, May 16 National Prayer Gathering

Perhaps you were unable to participate in the E21 online national prayer gathering last Sunday as hundreds gathered from our PAOC family and other Canadian denominations and ministries. Together, we lifted our hearts in prayer in our own national “upper room” calling on the Spirit empowering work in our lives, families, churches, ministries, communities and all across our nation … from sea to sea.

Although the online prayer gathering is behind us, make today another day to focus on the power of Pentecost. Join the national and ministry leaders in prayer today via this video, and have your own “upper room” experience right in your home setting.

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Praying you will know a powerful time with the Holy Spirit in all you do this weekend. Let His presence and power be at work in you and through you!

Dave Wells
General Superintendent

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