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"Cookies for Kids" Campaign - 4:1 Government Match Opportunity

Dear Pastor,

David Adcock and I hope that you and your family are enjoying this summer season of rest and refreshment and will be rejuvenated for the fall season.

While some of us would not like to think of October just yet, we thought it was important to tell you about about a fall campaign that your church can participate in. If you were at the May 2016 General Conference, you heard us talk about "Cookies for Kids," a campaign to bring much needed high-energy biscuits to hungry children.

We’re so grateful for the churches that got so excited about Cookies for Kids from General Conference, that they’ve already used it in their VBS programs. We’ve received several positive reports that helping through Cookies for Kids has encouraged people of all ages both inside and outside of the church congregation.

"One parent (who doesn't attend church) came to me with tears. She shared how her typically "selfish" son wanted to do extra chores to earn money to help other children."

Pastor Judy Marchuk, Wainwright Pentecostal Assembly

All funds raised through Cookies for Kids will go even further thanks to a special match from the Canadian Government through Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Every $1 will be matched 4:1 – therefore a gift of $3.50 will feed five children for a whole month!

Our goal is to provide 1 million high-energy biscuits to children in Bangladesh. With $3.50 helping five children for one month, seniors, children and adults can be involved in making a significant impact in the lives of these children.

For more information, or to receive your resources today, please visit and download all the printable resources. If you would like to request a printed package, please e-mail

Let’s make a huge impact in the lives of hungry children, and inspire our church congregations and our communities to do something positive and fun!

David Wells, General Superintendent of the PAOC, and David Adcock, Chief Executive Officer of ERDO


P.S. Follow ERDO on social media for our "Cookies for Kids" #fundraisingtiptuesday for fundraising tips every Tuesday throughout the campaign.

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