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Every Day Faith - March 2015

A Message From Our General Superintendent

We trust that you are experiencing a renewed sense of hope as we pray together along our Every Day Faith journey. We began the year by praying that we will collectively enter into a deeper love relationship with Christ that inevitably transforms and strengthens us, and makes an impact on those we encounter, wherever we are. This month we have been praying for an increased sense of God’s forgiveness, so that we can extend grace and comfort to others who need it—through our words, actions, and in sharing the truth of the gospel.

As we prepare for Easter, beginning with Palm Sunday on March 29, let us renew our commitment to being churches, leaders and communities of faith who understand the importance of the Scriptures. May the Holy Spirit deepen our appreciation for scriptural truths and enable us to proclaim the hope Christ brings through His life, death and resurrection to millions of Canadians during the next few weeks and well beyond.

Click here for this month’s prayer points. You can still order prayer cards for your congregation or ministry—only shipping charges will apply.

Visit regularly for inspirational blog posts that inspire us to towards greater engagement in praying, reading the Bible, sharing our faith and giving generously.

As we pray and God moves, we welcome your stories and testimonies. Please email <href=""> or share your comments at “Inspire!” on our Every Day Faith website – it is important to us and for others to see and hear the evidence of God’s response to our collective dedication to seeking Him in our everyday activities, and as we continue moving towards our 2020 Initiative goals of spiritual, theological and missional vitality.</href="">

And finally, stay tuned for an upcoming communication on this year’s 4-14 prayer emphasis in April, where we focus on intentional prayer for youth ages 4 to 14, who are most receptive to the gospel.

Praying for and with you,

Dave Wells,
General Superintendent