Act. Impact our nation

So we know that Canada needs to be reached with the Gospel – here are some of the ways that you could bring the love of Jesus to our nation.

  • Partner with a church in Quebec or Francophone Canada Happy-Canada-Day-08-HD-Wallpaper
  • Sponsor a student studying in Quebec in the FIT4M initiative
  • Partner on a mission experience to an unreached part of Canada
  • Sponsor a Mission Canada worker who is reaching into a gap in Canada
  • Partner with an urban ministry work on a regular basis
  • Adopt a ministry at a college or university campus in your community or province
  • Be strategic in connecting with new Canadians. Host a program out of your church that helps newcomers to Canada get settled in a new country, and possibly learn a new language
  • Host a Canada camp day for kids, filled with lots of red and white, fun games and an inspiring story of a Canadian follower of Christ
  • Sign up to be part of the parent council at your local school
  • Connect with local youth organizations or the youth group at your local church.  Join a mentoring program where you can influence the lives of a younger generation
  • Contact your local elected officials and ask how you can serve your community.


Think Mission Canada on Canada Day

patriotic-clip-art-canada-day-1st-july-2014-free-download-clipartPlan and prepare to do something unique and different on July 1st, Canada Day, or on the Sunday before.  Why not rally your church around the work of Mission Canada or sponsor an existing Mission Canada worker? Across our nation there are many workers doing extraordinary things, reaching people that otherwise might never hear the gospel.  If every church made room for a Canadian missionary this year it would be awesome to think about what God might do across our nation.  Be a part of this growing movement.  Annually, on Canada Day, let’s reach the communities where God has planted us, but let’s also reach the parts of our nation that have yet to be touched by the love and power of Jesus.  

Click here to see the list of Mission Canada workers reaching all across our nation.