Rick & Cheryl Ashton

Ministry Location: Latin America & the Caribbean

Ministry ​Focus: Rick and Cheryl are exploring their understanding of church outreach, and what it means to be followers of Jesus in their culture. They have both been learning to listen to what Jesus is saying to them about being willing to make themselves available for whatever God’s plan might be in the area of part-time missions/development. Rick has an agriculture and resource management background and holds a master's degree in human resources and administration. Cheryl is a professional educator with a master's degree in adult education and English as a Second Language (ESL) specialty.

Rick and Cheryl will be part-time global volunteers working primarily in the Latin America and Caribbean region.  As a team, they will be supporting global workers in the region to increase organizational effectiveness, develop human resource and administrative capacity, become more effective educators, develop ESL programming and curriculum, and support adult education initiatives and community engagement.

Ministry ​History: Rick and Cheryl have been active in their local church for more than 30 years. Cheryl has taught Sunday school, worked in girls' clubs, directed drama presentations and was active in women’s ministries. Rick has been a deacon, elder, board chair and managed the financial portfolio. Together they have led youth and small groups. A decision to semi-retire in 2015 provides the freedom they need to be able to pursue opportunities in development work and to assist global workers in the region.