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Where do your donations go?

Our NNNetwork Edmonton worker is on the ground in the Greater Edmonton Area, as the extension of the local church, to the refugee community within the city.  Your donations are helping to support this Mission Canada worker as they are engaging and loving the newcomer in our midst.  Your generosity is also helping to fund the following aspects of this ministry:

1.  Multiple weekly English programs for refugees, which include a Biblical worldview.

2.  Practical assistance to refugees, including the provision of items needed to begin a new home and for daily living.

3.  Outings and bridge building functions with our Middle Eastern friends:  concerts, Christmas dinners, cookouts, and local trips.

4.  Bibles and discipleship materials for newcomers to Canada.

5.  Training materials and events for local churches, as well as continuing education for our worker.

Thank you again for your generous kingdom partnership as we seek to impact the lives of those who are new to our nation.