MAK: Educating MKs

Have you ever missed a few days or weeks of school? How about months?!? The more days you missed from school, the more school work you likely had to catch up on. It can be pretty overwhelming trying to learn all the stuff you missed, plus all the new work! Imagine if it wasn’t just days, weeks or months of school that you missed - but years!

For MKs living overseas, this is what school can be like for them. One day they will move back to Canada and they will have missed years of school in Canada. In order to help MKs to not get behind in their education, MAK helps fund MK school fees and educational costs. Often schools in other countries, that have the same or similar level of education as schools in Canada, are very costly.

You can help our MKs receive a good education, wherever they are in the world, that will help them to be all that God wants them to be, through your MAK giving.