MAK Bangladesh In-School Feeding Program



COST: $3.50 per child per month (that's 1.5 cents a biscuit!)

There are 4,200 pre-school aged children in 13 areas of North and South Bangladesh. These 109 pre-schools cater to children from vulnerable families. Most of the parents are illiterate and have not had the opportunity to have formal education.  They are day labourers and find it difficult to feed their children.  Bangladesh has no pre-primary school for children aged 4-7 years and when children from these vulnerable families are admitted in the primary schools they are unable to cope with the most basic lessons being taught.  Due to this the majority of these children are forced out of the education system every year.  Attendance at one of the pre-primary schools prepares these young children to go to primary school. 


Hunger is also a big hindrance for these children.  While they can attend pre-primary school, it is difficult for them to pay attention and learn due to hunger. The high protein biscuits they will receive at pre-primary school will promote good mental and physical growth. 

Once the children are admitted into grade one, they will be involved in the country wide primary school feeding program provided through Unicef, World Food Program and the Bangladesh Government.  This project supports the Bangladesh Government’s focus on child education and helps ensure that vulnerable children have the same opportunities to receive an education as other children.


Before this program started the children were asked over a month whether they had breakfast before coming to school and 98% of them had not, which emphasizes the need for this program. Along with the children, teachers and volunteers in the program also receive the high protein biscuits.


Your giving to this program enables children not only to thrive with daily nutritious meals but also to receive an education.

THANK YOU for your giving to this very worthwhile project!


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