David Burke

Mission Canada Campus Worker

Ministry Location: Ryerson University, Toronto, ON

Ministry Focus: Campus Ministry

David Burke is a Mission Canada campus worker to Ryerson University, situated in the core of downtown Toronto. Ryerson is home to over 43,000 students, the majority whom do not know Christ as their Saviour. David, along with his wife, Krysten, launched a ministry called "LifeLine" on campus to help fill this spiritual need. LifeLine exists to be a vibrant faith community that is actively introducing people to Jesus Christ, and discipling and mentoring those who do know Him.

LifeLine is a safe place for students to voice doubts and stretch their faith, with the knowledge that God is big enough to handle questions. They encourage lively discussion as they delve into the scriptures and discover the truth of who God is, what He means to them, and what they mean to Him. In addition to sharing the good news, one of LifeLine's primary objectives is to serve. The group actively engages in various initiatives to serve the campus including running Red Frogs Ryerson which serves students in tangible ways, opening doors to engage in dialogue and forge relationships. LifeLine is a community of students on a journey to findfollow, and serve Jesus Christ.