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Where do your donations go?

Donations to this ministry lay the foundation for my personal wages Through your generosity, I can put forth more time and effort into reaching students at VIU.

Your donations supports a ministry effort where I can "stand in the gap" - meeting students where they are at on a secular campus to build relationships through serving them. My role at UCM includes training and leading volunteers for Red Frogs as I believe it is important to provide a safe, sober presence and support during alcohol-fuelled campus parties. I also coordinate special Red Frogs events on campus such as pancake breakfasts and other service opportunities. Beyond Red Frogs, my UCM ministry focuses on the discipleship of male student leaders and students as they walk through the rhythms of life. I also help lead outreach efforts to students who have yet to encounter Christ. Networking with Nanaimo-based churches and organizations is also part of my role. Your support can see students lives changed for eternity. Again, thank you!