Stephen & Rebecca Kanagadas

Location: Southeast Asia

Ministry Focus: In 2013, we started a community centre which provides computer, sewing and other job skill classes. Many disabled people and widows are left to fend for themselves and have little to no chance of gaining practical job experience without the centre. This has been a source of hope for people who are now able to find work. A church also operates out of the community centre so in addition to practical needs being met, people are being spiritually revived through counselling and peer mentoring. Hearts are been touched, behaviors have changed, addictions have been broken and diseases are been healed. 

We want to increase our church planting from 8 to 25 in the next 10 years. We also want to create more crisis centres for youth outreach, ministry training, job skills training. To accomplish this we need more workers on the field!  

We hope that peace will come to this country after years of civil war and unrest through the transforming power of God. This will happen by making disciples, planting churches, starting a Christian/theological school, and creating places of support and hope for people who need job skills, counselling for abuse, addiction and past traumas.

Prayer Requests

  • Fruitful ministry: 8 house churches expanding to 25 in the next 10 years
  • Protection for the family from attacks: Paramilitary organizations (PLOT), the army and police have tried to shut down faith-based operations
  • Health protection: Dengue fever, malaria, diarrhea are very common in this area
  • Weather protection: The heat is very intense and there can be drought at times
  • Financial needs: corruption and bribery are rampant and part of life so it is difficult to operate
  • Ministry workers: we hope to have 50 workers come onto the field to help us