Rodney & Kaja Corcoran

Location: Estonia, Eurasia

Ministry Focus:  The Corcoran family is working in Estonia as partners of the EKNK (Estonia Christian Pentecostal Church). The EKNK has over 30 churches across Estonia. Rodney serves the EKNK by bringing a focus on leadership development of current and potential leaders. Leadership development is a passion of Rodney's as he is working in partnership with local leadership in planting a fulltime Bible school. The Bible school was officially launch in September 2016. The Corcoran family provides the current link between the PAOC and EKNK that has existed since PAOC global worker (missionary) Allan Laur was one of the EKNK's founding fathers. 

Rodney also runs a personal ministry aimed at Estonians in the business community. The Corcoran family loves serving. The Corcoran family loves serving the nation of Estonia. Kaja is a native Estonian with a heart and passion for the people of her country.

The Corcorans have two daughters, two sons. Emily Kaisa, Mattias Joseph, Dominik Krister, and Kristabel Stella.

Ministry History: Rodney came to Estonia in 1999 on a short terms missions trip. Over the course of 9 days Rodney's heart was moved for the young people of Estonia. Rodney moved in 2000 to Estonia to work with local leadership in establishing youth ministries in Estonia. Over the years the Corcoran's ministry has shifted from youth to the development of leaders and church planting.

Prayer Requests:

  • Bible school students - that they would receive what God has in store for them.
  • Church plants - the new initiatives in Estonia
  • Wisdom and greater effectiveness in reaching people