Prasad & Dawn .

Location: India, Southeast Asia

Ministry Focus: Dawn and Prasad are accomplishing God’s vision for India through church planting, finding loving homes for orphans, afterschool care for poor children and giving guidance and practical working skills for poor and marginalized people, like widows.

They are involved in four core ministries Reaching, Planting, Equipping and Caring.

Dawn and Prasad host pastoral seminars where they equip pastors with ​Bible teaching and training. They work with at-risk children offering them free afterschool programs.

Their work with widows is crucial in culture where these women are often forgotten or put aside. "Women Helping Widows" is a program where women in Canada can support a widow in India for just $10 a month. This helps the women with their basic needs. Dawn and Prasad also facilitate the "New Beginnings Learning Centre", a training school offered free of charge to help ladies to learn to sew so they can have an independent livelihood.

Ministry ​History: For the past 10 years, Dawn and Prasad have been serving the villages surrounding a major urban center in South India. They have planted 3 churches, cared for over 100 orphans, aided and equipped over 100 widows and mentored many pastors.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for favour with officials
  • Pray for finances to build a new church outreach centre, which will host the afterschool program, youth groups, an eye clinic and will be a place for worship
  • Pray for protection over our family; for physical and spiritual protection