Carole Etonde-E Amico


Ministry Location:  Quebec and Francophone Canada

Ministry Focus:  Online Outreach and Discipleship

“When [Jesus] saw the crowds, he was deeply moved with compassion for them, because they were troubled and helpless…” –Matthew 9:36 (ISV)

What if you had no one to trust? No one to listen to your story? No one who understands. Millions of people have no one.  They are isolated and alone.

With 3.5 billion people now connected to the internet, it’s no surprise that many are searching for hope and answers online. Carole Amico is an online missionary reaching Francophones in Canada. Carole is passionate about sharing what life with Christ can mean. She spends her days in online connections, sharing life and faith, leading people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and then seeing them discipled in the Word and in their spiritual journey. The Life Project is an online platform that makes this possible.

Also, using a strategy called “The Digital Doorway”, Carole serves PAOC churches, helping them unlock  spiritual conversations with people online, some of whom may even live in the same region where their church is located.  Through mentoring, church members gain confidence in sharing their faith on-and offline, which leads to spiritual growth and vitality.

Partner with Carole and work she does online daily to reach people who may not be ready to walk through the doors of a church, but who are making a connection online. This missional opportunity is seeing great results, as we seek to reach Francophones in Quebec and all of Canada. 

To find out more about online discipleship, visit  Contact Carole to learn more about how your church can get involved in mentoring people who have made a connection online and maybe even made a commitment to Christ.