Alejandro & Mercedes Cetrulo

In three years, Alejandro and Mercedes have planted a church with a membership of over 100 in this predominantly Catholic nation. They have a vision to plant an orphanage and rehab centre for drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes.

They have also established “The Bridge” ministry which is made possible through volunteer efforts of church members who physically and spiritually feed these wonderful people. Recently there was a man that had been rescued from under the bridge and had been taken into Rehab, where he recommitted to the Lord and six months later he was giving his testimony at the altar! It is difficult, but the Lord has been providing this couple and their church strategies on how to reach them.

Alejandro and Mercedes have multiplied their efforts through various theological courses, conferences an d outreach trips. There is currently a family undergoing training to become missionaries in Peru. Their desire is to build an orphanage to house children of various ages that have been badly abused or abandoned by relatives. They would be fed and taught the Word of God through active volunteers with a passion towards the hurt.

They also plan to establish a Rehab Centre for pregnant prostitutes and those addicted to substances and alcohol. This centre would be a place of second chance to those who have rejected by the society. The passion found in Alejandro and Mercedes is unlike any other. They care for the needs of those in need through care and concern for people’s physical and spiritual well-being.

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