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FIT4M-French Intensive Training For Ministry in Canada

The ability to communicate in French is the most important prerequisite for effective service in the Francophone milieu. FIT4M stands for French Intensive Training for Ministry, and the program is an essential part of our overall effort to bring the message of Christ and establish PAOC communities in Francophone areas. THE FLITE PROGRAM of the 70’s and 80’s In the early ‘60s, officials of the PAOC became keenly aware of the special challenges with evangelizing French Canada. A new strategy named FLITE was launched in 1969 under the direction of then Home Missions and Bible Colleges Director Robert Argue. The acronym stood for “French Language Intensive Training for Evangelism”. The FLITE program enlisted graduates of English speaking Bible Schools and gave them the opportunity to learn the French language at Laval University in Québec City.