Priority: Quebec and Francophone Canada

Vision: North America's Greatest Mission Field

Pray for mission workers to come to Quebec. Because we must!

In Québec, less than 6% of Catholics go to Mass on Sundays on a regular basis. 

Sunday morning attendance in Protestant Evangelical churches make up less than 1% of the Québec population. Hundreds (700+) municipalities in Québec have no Evangelical Church. This represents close to 1.8 million people.

Ontario's Francophone community numbers just ​over 600,000 which is 5% of the province's total population. There are communities like Sudbury where there are ​close to 46,000 French-speaking people, ​almost 30% of its population of 155,000. Timmins has over 41% of their 45,000 population who are French-speaking.* (Great chart of Ontario Francophones). 

There are 300,000 Acadian Francophone in the Maritimes. The largest percentage of these (250,000) live in New Brunswick. There are approximately 12 Evangelical French Churches in New Brunswick.

Our prayer would be that young people, concerned adults, and church leaders from across Canada saw these areas and occasions as very real missional needs and opportunities where the power of the gospel must be shared.

Gary Connors

Quebec and Francophone Canada Coordinator

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