Priority: Next Gen Campus

Vision: Reaching Students... Transforming the University

Canadian universities educate more than 1.5 million students annually. We must be where they are.

God is wanting us
to respond to the call.

The University offers an incredible challenge and opportunity. God is calling us to rise up to it. Campus Mission Canada is on fifty campuses across our nation. And there are many more yet to be reached.

Post-secondary Students are at a key time of growth and decision making and it is critical that Jesus is a part of it. When He is, it makes ALL the difference. They have such incredible potential to change their world.

Campus Mission Canada acts as a catalyst to advance God’s Kingdom by bringing together the right people and resources to bring about the right result. Our role varies with the opportunity. We initiate. We support. We empower. We network. We resource. We coach. We help cultivate transformational communities. We do whatever the situation and the leading of the Spirit calls for. And it is bearing fruit. A lot of it.

Join with us as we pray for our university and college students. Let's believe God together for a great move of His Spirit on our campuses across the country! 

Next Gen Campus Coordinator


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