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The Hope Of Jesus

Hope. It is the feeling that something you desire is going to take place. For Jayaprasad Gopalan (or “JP” as his friends call him), hope is found through his regular visits with those residing in high-rise apartment buildings in his neighbourhood and surrounding areas of the city. JP is a PAOC Mission Canada worker, a missionary who brings the good news of Jesus, to those in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

During one of his visits, JP met Armeen*, a retired medical professional living in the GTA, who came to Canada from the Middle East. Armeen’s family were persecuted by the country’s fundamentalists because they were Zoroastrians, and that lead to his imprisonment. As JP knocked on Armeen’s door, Armeen introduced himself and responded by saying he is not a Musl*m. As they greeted one another and understood the reason for JP stopping by to meet them, Armeen invited JP into his apartment. There he was also greeted by Armeen’s wife, Akilah*, and their grandson. As they talked that day, JP had opportunity to share his testimony of coming to faith in Christ and the hope that he found in a relationship with Jesus. The gospel message was received by the family as they listened intently and eagerly expressed interest in learning more about the Word of God on a regular basis. In the months that followed, JP began Bible studies with Armeen and his family. As the truth of God’s Word was clearly taught, this family freely opened their hearts to the message of the gospel and they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

As Romans 8:24a (NIV) declares, “For in this hope we were saved…” (Romans 8:24a NIV). Armeen and his family now attend a PAOC church regularly and know the hope that is found in Jesus alone. All the glory goes to God, the reason for our hope!

Another person JP recently had opportunity to share the love of Jesus with was Javendra*, a Hindu international student from India, whom he met at the mall. JP intentionally spends time in public places like malls and stores and asks the Lord to direct his conversations. As the Holy Spirit guided JP to share the gospel with this young man, Javendra was happy to listen and mentioned that one of his closest friends is a Christian. He has gone to church with his friend on occasion. During this encounter at the mall, JP shared of the hope that can be found in Christ and prayed with Javendra. He gave him a Bible and asked the Lord to help his new friend to grow in the knowledge and understanding of who Jesus is. JP has seen time and again how the Lord draws people to Himself through the truth of His Word.

“But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently” (Romans 8:25 NIV). In the busyness of the Christmas season, may you slow down enough to take the opportunities God puts before you to share hope with those in your path. Bring hope this Christmas … wherever you go!

*names are changed for privacy purposes.